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Curly Nikki

Stop Waiting.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Stop Waiting.

Don’t wait for shit to shake or you’ll be waiting forever. Feel how you’d feel if shit was shaking now. Feel how you’d feel if shit shook yesterday.

Take inspired action, do the things, and give yourself permission to feel how you’d feel if absolutely amazing life-altering news (aka something shaking!) was already here, right now, sitting in your inbox. Allow yourSELF to experience that inherent joy NOW and NOW and NOW and joy-inducing situations will start showing up in gorgeous ways for you.

You are blessed and you know it. Smile. Smile bigger.???

You were on channel 1 when you started reading this. That lightness, joy and passion you’re feeling now… that gentle excitement bubbling up in your chest and that smile spreading across your face, that’s channel 2. Stay here, on this channel, in these empowering, go(o)d feels today, no matter what. Stay here like it’s all that matters, ‘cause it’s all that matters. It’s all that MATTERS. That energy state will become matter in your world.


Don’t let your mind tell you that you can’t feel go(o)d all the time. It’s lying to you. Your other, memorized ‘aiight’ state of being is just what you’ve practiced up until now, so it feels like ‘you’, it feels normal. Practice this feeling until it feels normal and new ideas will come and you’ll take new actions and you’ll begin seeing a new world.

Who are you? Be her, now. Don’t wait.

#DontDip #BeHerNow #Channel2 

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