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Curly Nikki

The Upgrade.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The Upgrade.

I see you, guuuhhlll! Got that hair popping, I like your lippie too! ? Is it new? Nah? Your energy ain’t either, apparently. Look at you— just scrolling, serving resting bitch face and reading this with that same old, played vibe from yesterday. It’s the same energy you’ve been offering for a minute now… and you wonder why not much around you has changed for the better. You’ve been hoping it’ll change, praying everyday for change, maybe even affirming and expecting it to change cause you read a few books on the #lawofattraction. But trust me, you will never live the monumental changes you’re seeking unless you first change the way you’re feeling, the way you’re BEING right now. You have to upgrade your energy if you want to experience a different and doper slice of creation. I sound like a broken record and I will continue until you shift out of your familiar way of being you. The way you feel right now feels like YOU, but it isn’t… you’ve just practiced it for a while. Let’s practice something else.


Now, sit or stand up straighter. That’s HER posture. Breathe deeper. That’s how SHE breathes. Ask yourself, ‘how do I feel now that I am ______’. Wait for and feel the response to that question. That’s how SHE feels. Smile, she’s grateful because she already has it. Smile bigger— she’s hella thankful for what’s to come. Stay here, in this state of being, for the rest of today NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. This is key. ???

Every single thing, person and situation that comes into your orbit that tries to pull you back into your old way of being, is a damn lie. It’s a re-run. An echo. The past repeating itself. Your old energy playing itself out. Recognize it as such and keep feeling go(o)d. In a short while, fewer re-runs will air and it’ll be all new episodes, amazingly powerful ones, with new characters and exciting plots to reinforce that gorgeous smile of yours. Stay here and prove it to yourself. A year from now, you would’ve wished you started today. I love all of you.

p.s. The moment you shift, you are HER. You started reading this as your old, limited self. Now you’re being HER. You’re getting this.

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