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Curly Nikki

Weekend Feels

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Weekend Feels

Last week was stressful af.

But it’s Friday evening so you’ve finally given yourself permission to feel go(o)d. To relax. To be yourSELF. What I want you to notice is that this feeling of relief and peace was also present last Monday when you had to drag your ass into the office… it was also present Tuesday and even yesterday morning when you woke up and sadly came to the realization that it wasn’t Friday, yet. Feeling go(o)d is your natural state, it’s your baseline, it’s your home vibe, it just gets covered up by thoughts and circumstances and thoughts about the circumstances. You only allow it in sometimes— on payday, on vacay and when your favorite artist finds that pocket ?

Now, smile. Bigger. BIGGER ? Keep smiling while you finish reading this.

Take a mental snapshot of how you feel right now. Memorize these feels. This is YOU. The real YOU. Choose to be aware of this inherent happiness in every moment by taking your power back from your inner critic, from that annoying coworker, from moody Bae or the dreaded Monday morning. You can allow these go(o)d feels no matter what appears to be going on in your life situation. Choose HER now and before you know it, you’ll be loving and living your best life. #BeHerNow

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