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Curly Nikki

You are Already, HER.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
You are Already, HER.

As you read these words, you realize that the hands that are holding this phone, your hands, belong to HER.

You’re remembering now… and it’s like you cut the light back on! You are HER, already!

You feel HER face smiling now, her shoulders relaxing down from HER ears, HER breath deepening. You notice a go(o)d feeling in HER body— peace, relief, relaxation or joy. In this moment, all of your limitations from the past and therefore, your limited future, are gone. You can feel HER future, now, and it’s BRIGHT af!


You cut on the light and your future is now HER future. Your thoughts are now HER thoughts. You cut on the light and your fear, lack, and worry, are automatically replaced by HER love, affluence and faith. And you KNOW that if you continue to live as HER, even through your current circumstances, HER world will come into view.

You owe it to yourSELF. Stay with the feeling, no matter what. I love you.❤️

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