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Curly Nikki

You are JOY, being human!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
You are JOY, being human!

Today, you will remember what’s important. You will remember that you have a choice.


Look at you, you’re already smiling! ?You’re so damn gorgeous when you’re being yourSELF! Your energy is changing. You’re starting to feel a gentle, go(o)d feeling, ‘joy’— it started as a warmth in your chest as that smile spread across your face, but now it’s unfurling, it’s radiating brilliantly throughout that body. You can even feel a little tingle in those hands as they cradle the phone. Now your shoulders are relaxing, and you notice you’re sitting (or standing) up straighter, more confidently— you’re feeling, remembering, embodying your power. And with every breath you take, your body becomes more and more alive. It’s teeming with life! It’s as if the air is enriched with JOY. And as you inhale through your heart, you feel so go(o)d you can barely contain it. In fact you can’t contain it and you shouldn’t! You’re smiling bigger now! ???You want to share this joy, this uncaused bliss with everyone you meet today! You want to light their candle too! That is your purpose. To do everything you can to support and express and maintain these go(o)d feels by sharing it with others in your own unique way. And the more you live from this powerful awareness and give of these go(o)d feels to the checkout lady, the stranger on the subway, your petty coworker, your children, or your passion project, the more you receive. These go(o)d feels begin appearing in the world as the ‘stuff’, ‘the added things’ you think you want and need. And then one day, shit flips and you laugh— you aren’t just aware of the joy, you are joy, aware of itself! You always have been and always will be. Your only ‘job’ is to stay woke. Stay present. Stay consciously aware of joy and everything will fall into place.

You’re getting this. I love you.

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