Forgiveness and unconditional love aren’t human qualities, they are Soul qualities…God qualities. That’s why you feel fake when you’re doing your best to live these principles! The ‘you’ that you think you are, can’t forgive nobody lol! 

To extend unconditional love to yourself and others, and to truly forgive or wish well the people that have mistreated you, you must rediscover and remain aware of another dimension of yourself… your true Self. And when you stay consciously connected to this inner presence (felt in the body as stillness, peace, joy and/or well being), it spills over and expresses automatically as the qualities ‘you’ were only imitating before. #BeHerNow

p.s. I can attest to this…lots of first hand experience… and what I know for sure is that you honestly won’t have true peace until you turn within and find it there… you won’t have true peace until you start being your true Self…and then everything changes!
Love you all!
Nikki Walton