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Who Says Soap Has to be Boring?

Who Says Soap Has to be Boring?
Finchberry soaps

By Kira Sparkles

Today I’m super excited to share my love for a brand called Finchberry! They’re a soap company that’s based near my neck of the woods in North Florida known not only for being vegan and preservative free, but their products are so cute and colorful! They look like little decadent slices of cake. Everything in this brand is just an absolute feast for the eyes. But how do these products hold up in everyday life? Are they just pretty? Or are they practical too?


Who Says Soap Has to be Boring?
Sweetly Southern because
it smells like honeysuckle
Sweetly Southern Bar Soap
First of all, I am in love with their bar
soaps. Not only are they eye candy, they smell wonderful. It’s not
overwhelming, but it’s definitely noticeable and not in that artificial
chemical kind of way either. It left my bathroom smelling lovely just by being
in it! As for how it cleans, it leaves me feeling fresh and squeaky clean
without any residue. Plus, I could catch the subtle scent of honeysuckle on me
which is so sexy!
Who Says Soap Has to be Boring?
Now, with more coffee!
Artisanal Coffee Soap
I really hesitated to use this one, only because my current day job involves serving coffee and I already come home smelling like it. Did I really want to smell like coffee after bathing too? While the description on the label says ‘warm coffee’ it has this very light, almost floral scent, but nowhere near as powerful as their bar soap. Also, are those beans on the soap? Totally a mold! I was ready to clean up coffee beans in my tub, but it fooled me. As for how it cleans? It actually has coffee grounds in it, so it’s really gritty. I shared this with my s.o. and he said he loved it. I ended up giving it to him and I’ll admit his skin is much softer. Not for me, but if you prefer a more intense exfoliation, this may be the bar for you.
Who Says Soap Has to be Boring?
Artisanal Salt Soak Blend

Relaxing Artisanal Salt Soak Blend
I’m not a bath person usually, especially getting into the hot summer months in Florida. Still, it was really nice to carve out some time to take one. I didn’t notice a heavy scent in the water, but there was a subtle hint of lavender which was very relaxing. With the salt, it really did melt any tension away, but I can’t say that there was anything about this that really stood out to me. Salt soaks are nice, but in my mind, they’re all kind of the same. 

Who Says Soap Has to be Boring?
These bath bombs made an absolute believer out
of me. The first bath bomb I ever tried was from ‘Da Bomb’ and I was super
disappointed. BUT THESE BATH BOMBS?! Listen. Taking this bath made me feel like
a f*cking princess. It turned the water BRIGHT MAGENTA and even had rose petals
in it! This bath was fun and brought out my inner child. It made me and my
entire bathroom smell like roses for a day after AND it made my skin incredibly
soft. Besides the soap, I would absolutely go back for another bath bomb
because it was the absolute shit.
Which ones are you excited to get your hands on?

 Who Says Soap Has to be Boring?
Kira is a passionate, outspoken writer keeping it real for the people. Who Says Soap Has to be Boring?She’s a UF graduate with a soft spot for cats. Read more of her work at her blog KiraSparkles!

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