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How to Stay Forever Young!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How to Stay Forever Young!
by Julia Austin via

Nobody can stay physically young forever (unless you know of some witchcraft we don’t). Sure, there are things you can do to look a bit younger. But eventually, age catches up with us all. A fifty-year-old may find ways to look 39 but if you’re lucky enough to turn 85, well, you’re just going to look old then. And that’s okay! What matters is how you feel. Mindset is a powerful thing. There is really no reason for us to age on the inside. We learn important life lessons and we become more mature, but handling life in a responsible manner and becoming boring and serious don’t have to go hand in hand. If you can stay mentally young forever, then I’d say that you win the game of life. Here are tips for staying mentally young forever.

Don’t take yourself too seriously
Really try to find the humor in colonoscopies, the need for squatty potties, and your prescription medication cabinet that is nearly as full as the pharmacy itself. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Very few things in life have to be serious, if we don’t let them be.

Never stop dreaming
Never stop dreaming, and pursuing your dreams. Don’t get caught up in the statistics and the probability of certain dreams coming true. Seeing the merit in chasing dreams, and actively doing so, keeps you young.

Don’t care what your age “should” look like
Do away with any ideas about what someone your age should look like, dress like, act like, or do. Those ideas only limit you and they are created by frightened people. Act every day as if those ideas don’t exist.

Do something that scares you regularly
Do something daily or weekly that scares you. That could be doing standup comedy, skydiving, getting a piercing, river rafting, or skinny dipping.

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