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Maintaining Gia’s Waist Length Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Maintaining Gia's Waist Length Natural Hair
I ain’t gon’ lie.  Florida’s humidity took us ALL the way out, and laid our long-time Curlformer routine low. With few options, I resorted to what I know.  

Twists.  The super-shrinky, super-cute wet-set ones.  She can rock them down, or up in a bun or pony with cute cat ear or pom-pom headbands.  She can jump in the ocean or pool, with no worries.  She can get dressed in the mornings with zero effort– hair did, and posh uniform?! Easy button, baebeee!  They’re also easy to keep moisturized, re-twist when frizzy, and detangle on wash day.  Note: I twist with the next wash day in mind, lol — medium-sized twists, only! That way, take down (usually once a month) is breezy.

Today, since the humidity and temp chilled out, she wanted to flex her length.  So I stretched her freshly cleansed, damp hair with a blow dryer (no comb attachment, tension method) and created chunky twists using the above products–  Carol’s Daughter Pomade for shine and nourishment, the raw shea butter for hold (extra liberal with it!), and the Smoothie to seal and curl her ends (just a little, and on the ends only!). And now, we study for her THREE tests coming up next week!

Love ya!

Do you have a kiddo? How do you keep their hair happy and healthy (and your sanity in tack)?

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