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Curly Nikki

My Henna Updates

By January 27th, 2021One Comment
My Henna Updates
fire-ass highlights? just henna 🙂 
I still henna.  Extra-regularly.  And not just for the conditioning, volumizing, and curl and frizz smoothing like I used to, but for these roots, chiiile! 

Thanks to the bossy ‘we-start-graying-at 20′ genetics I inherited from Mom and Grandpa Delarian, I’d be legit salt and pepper right now, but I’m not! I’m rocking fire-ass (literally) highlights, instead.  My henna routine isn’t so different from previous iterations, except that I’m on a more regular schedule (and since I have two whole kids, it’s def abbreviated).  I basically henna as soon as my roots in the front are too rude to cover with my little root-cover crayon, which is like once a month. 

My recipe-
HennaGuys Natural Henna Powder (for the convenience, shipping, and strong color– I get 3 uses out of one bag (it comes with 2 bags), so I’m only using about 1/4 or 1/2 cup of powder each session)
-Warm black tea (let it cool for like 15 minutes before mixing– I pour it in slowly until the consistency is like cake batter and smooth… not runny, if it goes runny, I add more powder)
-Add in some cheap, silicone free conditioner (I mix it into the henna x tea concoction, until it reaches a thick and smooth consistency.  This helps with ease of application and rinsing!) 
I apply it to my dry hair, very, very, very lazily (with plastic gloves on).  I start by my right ear and work my way over to my left ear, parting with my finger as I go, to ensure all the roots are getting love.  This means only the front and top of my hair are henna’ed, lol… I only henna the back of my head once very blue moon.  I usually rock curly hair and the way that’s set up, you can’t see the roots in the back! I also only henna from my roots down to like mid-shaft, (1) out of laziness and henna paste preservation, and (2) to keep from losing any curl definition.  I leave it in for about an hour, under a plastic processing cap.  
And that’s THAT!  I get lots of compliments and sometimes confusion, especially from hair care professionals.  Like the last time I was at The Dr. Oz  Show back stage, the hairstylist couldn’t understand how I had red highlights on random, individual strands.  It’s a good look, and for now, it works.  
Love you guys, 
p.s. I did a thing today! Excited to share about it, soon! 

One Comment

  • Erie says:

    Hi Nikki, you came to mind when I thought about henna-ing my hair. I found out about your eons ago when I first went back to natural hair. You were one of the first ppl I started following. I’m so glad to see you’re still blogging. I’m wondering how recent this post is because it’s not dated. I came looking for henna tips and found this and some other posts. Just wondering, do you STILL henna?

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