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Curly Nikki

Top 3 Reasons Why ‘Like A Boss’ Should be Your First GNO of 2020

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
#HoroscopeAF: January 10th will be your first and most epic Girls’ Night Out of the year. Expect a typical booked and busy Friday turned lituation, when you head out to the movies that evening to celebrate your best life with your best friends as you all laugh your asses off at what’s set to be the best all-ladies comedy of the year!

From HBIC energy to expert j-rolling to coochie cakes, here are a few reasons your crew should absolutely go watch ‘Like a Boss’ to inspire and kick off 2020.

1. The Trailer– Watch it now, headphones all the way ON. #NSFW.

I’ll wait…

Sounds hilarious, right?! We know! So go ahead and send off that group text (and the link to this article) to have the girls mark their calendars for January 10th 2020. K, bye!

Kidding, kidding…

But for real, that trailer set the hilarious tone and plot up real quick— Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne are two best friends and business partners that started a cosmetic company together. They’re stressed and in debt when beauty industry queen Salma Hayek shows up to make them an offer they can’t (but absolutely should) refuse. The situation swiftly turns ugly, and tremendously funny, as they fight to reclaim their independence from their new evil-intentioned investor, and * in my Tiffany Haddish voice * SHE. READY. Are you?!

2. The Inspo – Thanks to this new, empowering social media up-start reality we’re living in, Tiffany and Rose’s characters are hella relatable. Whether you’re a full time CEO, indie beauty boutique runner, lifestyle influencer, stay-at-home mom, or all of the above, you’re a super boss in your own right, juggling a lot, and doing your best impersonation of an adult. Tiffany, Rose, and even evil-ass Salma are goals all 2020. #RealBossGirlShit

3. The Quotables – New decade, new one-liners. And ’Like A Boss’ is right on time to supply us with some fresh ones to start sprinkling all over our conversations and IG captions, like Salma’s character’s hilarious use of “cookah”, or Billy Porter’s character’s (YASSSS they got Billy!), “witness my tragic moment!’, or Tiffany Haddish’s character’s, “We are two badass queens like those bitches who raised Wonder Woman”.

So, assemble your crew, grab some dranks, and head to theaters on January 10th to let ‘Like a Boss’ get you all the way together for a bossy 2020. #GirlsNightOut #LikeABoss

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