What if right where you are standing or sitting, God is? Life is? Love is? Abundance is? Health is? How would that change the way you show up? The way you interact with people?

Because this is absolutely the case. You just forgot. And that’s why you struggle. It’s the ONLY reason you’re struggling right now. But as soon as you remember and actually FEEL this Presence, it’s like a light gets turned on. You realize you never had to fight to overcome the darkness— it’s effortlessly and automatically replaced by Light. In that moment of recognition, fear is replaced by Confidence, sadness by Joy, lack by Abundance, worry by Faith. You by It/Him.


Just cut on the Light. Do it now. Place your free hand on your heart, and in a moment you’re going to gently bow your head, close your eyes, smile, and feel It. Don’t try to feel It. Feel It. Notice what’s always been there. It may be a gentle vibration, a stirring of peace, a rolling in or a bubbling up of joy or love. It may feel like relaxation… of your shoulders, tension in your face and stomach. It will feel like a weight has been lifted. Allow It.

Soon, after practicing sitting with It for 5-15 minutes at a time, you won’t even need to close your eyes… you won’t even need to smile. But for now, let that smile point you back to the Joy, the Light of the world. Everything is changing. I promise.