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Curly Nikki

The Power of Feeling Go(o)d, Now!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The Power of Feeling Go(o)d, Now!

In ‘09, I was all about ‘The Secret’… positive thinking… the law of attraction. My limited understanding led me to believe that human excitement and happiness would ‘attract’ the stuff I wanted, and so I set out on the impossible mission of staying in a super elevated mood. I’d be good for a couple of days, and then frustration, anger, or stress would come to visit and I’d feel even worse, because I was mad at myself for being mad. The definition of insanity.

10 years later, after hundreds of books and countless hours of daily meditation, I came to view both human excitement and human sadness as deviations… distractions from a truer experience. Beneath the thoughts, and familiar ‘good’ and ‘bad’ emotions is a subtle vibration of peaceful-joy. It’s been called your ‘home vibration’ or the way your soul expresses in your body. It’s a God feeling that transcends even your best good feeling. It’s a flow, a glow, a warmth, an unconditional, uncaused loving silence.


Your job is to recognize this Joy, and feel it consistently— bringing it into every moment of your day. When you’re happy, feel for this Joy. When you’re angry, stop, and allow this inner Joy to flood into the moment. Every time you reach for your phone, reach for Joy first. Try it for a day and watch the synchronicities pop off. It takes a few months of effort, but then your first nature becomes second nature, and your soul unfolds your best life. #BeHerNow

If you have time, check out ‘The Contemplative Life’ by Joel Goldsmith. In a talk he gave right before he passed (in 1964) he shared that the CEO of a top car manufacturing company recommended it to all of his sales force— saying ‘if you want to be a successful businessman, the principles in The ‘Contemplative Life’ are all you need’. It’s worth a read, and more important, it’s worth it to practice what is shared. I love you!!! Stay focused.

Was ‘The Secret’ your gateway drug into deeper spirituality? Tell me about it!

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