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Nikki on The Dr. Oz Show 11/7 -- Turning Back the Quarantine Clock!
hair deets after the jump!

Hey hey!

This week we turned back the Quarantine Clock on the Dr. Oz Show! I shared deets on my hot oil treatments, and how my silk pillow case keeps my skin and hair happy.❤️

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I did my first #rodset in a minute!!! I needed cute quarantine hair for my recent appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, so I threw it back to 2015!

They take FOREVER (especially considering my usual 7 flat twists on damp hair that I quickly bun up for days!), but for people with super fine hair like me, it’s absolutely worth the effort, for the shape and volume. I used Nairobi foam on dryer stretched hair (air dry to 90%, in a tshirt, and then tension dry the rest of the way) before rolling each section on orange rods in the front, and purple skinnies in the back. Then I fluffed it all the way the hell up! ?

When was your last roller set? Was it worth the effort?