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Curly Nikki

Claim Your Blessings.

By January 28th, 2021No Comments
Claim Your Blessings.
Image source: @nazaninmandi

We ‘claim’ It by FEELING It. 

Smile as you read on. Notice the rise and fall of your breath and the weight of the phone in your hand. Maybe readjust and send some love to your pinky finger if you’ve got it supporting the whole-ass device.

Let’s become aware of Love, now. Feeling Go(o)d, we know this sweet, joyful Presence as the presence of our freedom, of our miracles, of our abundance, NOW. Not tomorrow. We’re not ‘calling It in’, or ‘manifesting’ It in some vague future. The instant we feel It, we got It… and while we’ll watch a series of events unfold to get to that future now, we know, in this now, that IT already IS. #TheBiggestSpoilerAlertEver #IssaHappyEnding

But if Love is being and giving us everything all the time, why do we take so little? How can we receive what we need?


Yes, everything is already, always here, just as the sun is already, always shining. Remembering It’s here, we finally start turning toward It. Removing our shades. Feeling the warmth on our faces, the life, the Love in It’s fullness. Receiving, receiving, receiving. Relaxing. Smiling from the inside. We choose to never turn our back on this Presence again. To never forget again. 

We don’t need anything but this felt-experience of God. Constantly, consciously. We let It in, and It shows up as exactly what we need. And It’s never too late. 

With you in and AS Grace,


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