They clearly dressed themselves. 
At about 9pm on New Years Eve, Max came charging into the kitchen half dressed and said he was looking for his pants that go on his shoulders.  After I figured out what he was talking about, I told him it was too late at night for suspenders and that he needed to go get his ‘night pants’.  To which he replied, ‘but it’s an exciting day!’ to which I had no response, but a smile.  

Every morning is the same. He wakes up and asks, “mom, is it my lucky day?!’ It’s become a ritual.  And of course, it is! Every.Single. Day. How awesome would it be to wake up and feel and KNOW this?! 
At any rate, Happy NOW HERE from Clearwater Beach!

I love you, all!

Wine and champagne free for a LONG minute now! Enjoying the natural buzz I’ve found (the one I can’t shut up about lol, sorry not sorry)! 
With you in and AS Love!