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Henna Brows vs. Tinting: Which of the 2 is Perfect for You!

By March 18th, 2022No Comments
Henna Brows vs. Tinting: Which Option Is Best?

Henna Brows vs. Tinting: Which of the 2 is Perfect for You!

Henna brows vs. tinting? Hmm… let’s compare!

Do you want to add a pop of color to your brows? Or maybe you want to make them look fuller and darker for a dramatic, head-turning look. Whatever your reason, you want to play with your natural brows—and you have a few options for doing just that! Henna and tinting are two common methods for altering the appearance of brows. To help you choose the option that’s best for you, here’s our take on henna brows versus tinting and which option is best.

Brow Henna

Henna dye is derived from the henna plant, a small shrub whose leaves are plucked and ground into dye for skin, hair, nails, and natural fabrics. If you’re not a fan of chemical dyes, henna is a fantastic natural alternative. It contains few chemicals and is activated with rosewater. Naturally red in color, henna doesn’t provide as many color options as tints. However, it’s much healthier for your brows and easier to maintain. It also produces much darker, much fuller, and more defined results than regular tinting. It can also give your brow a better shape, which makes it ideal for people with sparse or misshapen brows.

Another benefit to henna brows is that they last longer than regular tints. Henna stains the hairs and the skin beneath the brows. The stain on the skin lasts one to two weeks, while the stain on the hairs will last anywhere from six to eight weeks. But keep in mind that, once the stain on your skin fades, the color on the brows will appear much duller.

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Regular brow tints are similar to the dyes you use on your head, but gentler. Most tints are semipermanent, made from vegetable dye, and activated with a chemical peroxide activator. Unlike henna, which stains the brow hairs and the skin underneath, brow tints only stain the brow hairs. This stain will last anywhere from four to six weeks. Regular tints are great choices for people who are happy with the shape of their brows and just want to darken them or alter their natural color.

Which To Choose?

So between henna brows and tinting, which option is best? It depends on your personal preferences and the look you want to achieve. If you’re the kind of person who’s wary about the products you put on your skin, henna will likely appeal to you because it contains natural and gentle ingredients. Henna is also great for people who want to alter the shape of their brows for a more dramatic effect. And, of course, because henna lasts longer, we recommend it for anyone who’s seeking a more permanent result.

But regular brow tints have their perks, too! If you’re happy with the shape of your brows, these tints will maintain your brows’ shape while enhancing fullness and darkness. They’re also ideal for people who are new to tinting and just want to give it a try. The results only last a month, so if you don’t like them, you won’t be stuck with them for long. And, of course, they’re fantastic options for anyone who wants to have fun and try unnatural colors.

Henna brows vs. brow tinting… what are your thoughts? Share!

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