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The 4 Top Mistakes To Avoid When Showering

By May 25th, 2022No Comments
The 4 Top Mistakes To Avoid When Showering

The 4 Top Mistakes To Avoid When Showering

When you shower each day, you probably don’t overthink it. However, there are some mistakes that you could be making in the shower that negatively impact your experience. With this in mind, here are the four top mistakes to avoid when showering.

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1. Showering With Hot Water

The 4 Top Mistakes To Avoid When Showering 1

Whether you prefer to shower after a long day at work or you use your shower to wake you up in the morning, showering with hot water can feel pretty great. Unfortunately, showering with hot water could dry out your skin significantly.

This effect is especially apparent for anyone with eczema or itchy skin. Having your shower feel like a hot tub is great, but it comes with some consequences. Protect your skin and lower your gas bill each month by using lukewarm or cool water when you shower.

2. Shaving Your Legs Right When You Walk In

If you shower in the morning, you might be in a rush to get out the door. To keep things moving along, you might start shaving your legs as soon as you get into the shower.

However, doing so won’t give you the best results if you’re trying to get the smoothest skin. If you want your legs to be as smooth as silk, try to wait a few minutes after you get in so that your hair softens and the follicles open up.

3. Forgetting To Replace Your Loofah

The 4 Top Mistakes To Avoid When Showering 2

For anyone that likes to use a loofah or a washcloth in the shower, you should know that both of them can collect plenty of germs. Although you probably wash them once in a while, you should only use your washcloth or loofah for five showers in a row at most before you throw it in the laundry.

Also, you will want to use hot water to wash these items to eliminate germs. In addition, washing your washcloth and loofah with hot water will get rid of that musty smell that comes from the buildup of soap and your natural body oils.

4. Washing Your Hair Daily

Although this might sound crazy, washing your hair every day could cause it to become even more oily than normal. This happens because your scalp will feel the need to overcompensate when you dry it out with shampoo and hot water every day. If you are on your natural hair journey, this is one of the most important mistakes to avoid in your natural haircare routine.

Therefore, go for longer intervals between shampoos and opt to do cowashes instead. The practice will keep your hair healthier and will make your hair look better, too. It can also prevent clogged shower drains – something no one wants to deal with too often!

Cleansing conditioners or cowashes are a great way to gently clean your hair and scalp. Find some great product suggestions, here: Natural Hair Care: 10 Amazing Cleansing Conditioners for Curly Hair.

Using sulfate shampoos is definitely one of the mistakes to avoid when you wash your hair. Check out these awesome sulfate-free options: 7 Great Sulfate-Free Shampoos for Your Naturally Curly Hair.

Overall, remembering the four top mistakes to avoid when showering improves your experience in a big way. Now that you know what to look out for, you can start showering the right way and enjoying your showers even more.

Are there other mistakes to avoid when showering that we should all be aware of? Let us know!

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