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Konnichiwa! Many of you may have seen my “on the couch” that was posted a few days ago. It was a bit awkward for me seeing as how I have never owned a couch in my entire life. The closest I have come to owning a couch, and the status it brings, is having a bean bag chair…

Why am I here? AND Why are you reading this?
Why am I here?

I am here to provide a male perspective on various things. And maybe stir up some controversy.
I have two sisters and occasionally I see the magazines they buy. You know the magazines I am talking about, where women are telling each other advice about men…
That makes as much sense as me asking a group of my male friends to describe pregnancy in detail pain and all.
Why are you reading this?

You will have to answer that question for yourself. I am in no position to tell you why you are reading this.
And now I would like to officially open up with a discussion. Awhile ago I read a story in which the surgeon general said, that Black women were forgoing health, mainly exercise, because of their hair.
In my case exercise comes first and foremost. I am an avid runner. And I think getting my hair sweaty and subsequently letting it remain sweaty for days on end helps to shape my hair. If you want to talk about going natural, then I believe this is going natural to the extreme. I don’t wash my hair so I rely on the sweat to clean it. Once or twice a month I will pour some water on it, but this is just because I like to shake my head violently like a big ole shaggy doggy.
So how far are you willing to go to maintain that cute hairstyle?

Will you put your health on the back burner to squeeze a few more days out of a particular hair style?

CN Says;
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