I’ve been playing in my hair for years now… I’ve tried many a technique and probably every product under the sun. I’ve been on cones, off cones, shampoo and protein free and back. My hair has changed, and my routine evolved. For now, the following are contributing to the health and glossy look of my hair–

1. Stretching– Prevents knots and tangling and hair holds moisture better.
2. Henna– Strong, shiny, thicker, heavier hair. It fortifies strands and prevents breakage.
3. Dry Styling– Makes my fine hair appear thicker and helps me avoid frequent washing.
4. Oiling– Keeps hair nourished, smooth and pliable. Effectively locks in moisture.
5. Some silicones– Smooths the cuticle and keeps the frizzies at bay.
6. Light silk protein– Soft but strong hair. Fills in the gaps and flaws along the strand. **
7. Satin bonnet scarf every night– Minimizes frizz and breakage. Retains moisture.
8. Deep conditioning at every wash– Essential for moisture retention and elasticity.
9. Finger detangling and styling– Prevents damage from snagging and pulling.
10. Protective styling- Helps retain moisture and gives you time to do things besides your hair.

**My favorite light protein leave-in/moisturizer right now is LACIO LACIO. OMG.
Stop what you’re doing, log on to Amazon and buy a bottle right frigging now. I use it to rollerset and to dry twist-out and get shiny, moisturized, soft, strong, fluffy hair every time! The ingredients aren’t the best… not sure why it works so well (probably the Behentrimonium Methosulfate and Silk Proteins), maybe they sprinkled crack on it… whatever the case, get some and thank me later!

What works for you?