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Curly Nikki

What Works for You?- Natural Hair Care

By January 27th, 202127 Comments

What Works for You?- Natural Hair Care
I’ve been playing in my hair for years now… I’ve tried many a technique and probably every product under the sun. I’ve been on cones, off cones, shampoo and protein free and back. My hair has changed, and my routine evolved. For now, the following are contributing to the health and glossy look of my hair–

1. Stretching– Prevents knots and tangling and hair holds moisture better.
2. Henna– Strong, shiny, thicker, heavier hair. It fortifies strands and prevents breakage.
3. Dry Styling– Makes my fine hair appear thicker and helps me avoid frequent washing.
4. Oiling– Keeps hair nourished, smooth and pliable. Effectively locks in moisture.
5. Some silicones– Smooths the cuticle and keeps the frizzies at bay.
6. Light silk protein– Soft but strong hair. Fills in the gaps and flaws along the strand. **
7. Satin bonnet scarf every night– Minimizes frizz and breakage. Retains moisture.
8. Deep conditioning at every wash– Essential for moisture retention and elasticity.
9. Finger detangling and styling– Prevents damage from snagging and pulling.
10. Protective styling- Helps retain moisture and gives you time to do things besides your hair.

**My favorite light protein leave-in/moisturizer right now is LACIO LACIO. OMG.
Stop what you’re doing, log on to Amazon and buy a bottle right frigging now. I use it to rollerset and to dry twist-out and get shiny, moisturized, soft, strong, fluffy hair every time! The ingredients aren’t the best… not sure why it works so well (probably the Behentrimonium Methosulfate and Silk Proteins), maybe they sprinkled crack on it… whatever the case, get some and thank me later!

What works for you?


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  • Quite says:

    LOL@ im tempted to try but I need some thick coarse kinky curlies to weigh in on this one..
    @ candace..I love the QH jelly but I find it doesn't flake when u use it on wet or damp hair, I tried dry hair ones and I had a HAM (hot ass mess)

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair hates Lacio Lacio. It almost dreads up and I'm relaxed! I have really course, thick APL hair and its a bit protein sensitive. Now, if I go a little bit overboard with my EVOO and Coconut oil mix, I put in a very small pinch of Lacio Lacio and my hair loves it. It gets rid of all the oil and my hair has the perfect balance but as a leave in for me – blah. LOL!

  • Anonymous says:

    Anon 9/16 4:03: LMAO at "bread loaf." That is my goal…the day someone compares my French braid to a loaf of braided challah I will be in hair heaven.

    I still find it ironic that although I have the very texture that most black folks are trained to battle — 4b/4c — my hair rewards me when I keep my care and styling simple. My twistouts aren't always perfectly defined, and my 'fros aren't always perfectly shaped, but the hair itself is strong and has a nice sheen that comes from health more so than from products.

    KISS means:
    – Shampoo and condition once a week
    – Deep condition only if necessary
    – One water-based leave-in followed by one oil-based leave-in
    – As little manipulation as possible, at wash time and throughout the week
    – Oil or oil-based leave-in on ends throughout the week
    – Satin pillowcase

  • Carla says:

    * Prepoo and finger detangle with almond oil and conditioner (any).
    * Shampooing shopping diluted with conditioner and water.
    * Washing in sections
    * Henna every other week for now.
    * Protein treatment monthly.
    * Moisturize and seal daily.
    * No direct heat.

  • Breanna says:

    Naptural85 felllow Youtuber just did a video that you ladies might be interested in trying called "DIY Homemade Natural Shine Enhancing, Moisturizing Deep Conditioner | Detangling Cream Greek Yogurt".

  • mangomadness says:

    The first "Protective styling" mentioned in my prior post should be "Low manipulation styling".

  • mangomadness says:

    what works for me is…
    -Pre-shampoo coconut oiling
    -Finger detangling (and styling)
    -Washing hair in two-strand twists
    -Leave-in conditioners w/ veggie glycerin
    -Damp styling
    -Protective styling (braid outs, flat twist outs, bantu knot outs, etc)
    -Protective styling (sock buns, cinnabuns, updos)
    Satin bonnet/scarf every night

  • LaToya says:

    I just did a video on what's working for me. I bced about 2 weeks ago and I think I have it down now, finally! Shampoo once a week, or when build up is showing, condition and cowash, use a leave in, seal with oil and be on my way.

  • Anonymous says:

    What works for me:

    *Co-washing weekly
    *Kimmay-Tube modified leave in(HEHH,Aloe Vera Gel,Castor Oil,EVOO) this keep my hair moisturized until i next wash it! ^.^
    *Doing my hair in sections (washing,styling etc..)
    *Satin Bonnet and scarf to protect my hair when i sleep!
    *Airdrying in braids this locks in moisture and stretches my hair
    *Box-braids as a protective style
    *Finger detangling
    *BraidnCurl at the weekends and i keep my hair braided up in the week
    *Flat iron my hair quaterly to see my progress ^-^
    **Keeping my routine simple and being gentle

  • hair re-growth products says:

    Thanks for this information. Your hair looks cool and shiny. I like it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Im 2 years natural,im still learning & I agree with most of the tips but 4 me, its all abt my homemade DCs & minimal cones in my hair products (only the slight or completely water soluable cones). My DC recipe includes:coconut milk,EVO/grapeseed/coconut oils,IC anti-breakage Treatment,Rusk Keratin smoothing treatment &Hello Hydration (addictive!)
    My other routine staples include:
    1.shampooing my hair in sections 2 reduce my massive tangles!!
    2.rinsing with cold water to seal the cuticles.
    3.Less daily manipulation of my hair equals less breakage&frizz
    4. curl cremes:Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie & SoftSheen feather whip cream
    5. Leave-Ins:Giovanni Weightless Leave-in&Aphogee Provitamin Leave-in
    6. sulfate free shampoos

  • Marisol says:

    Buying it now!

  • Smallfro says:

    After 16 months natural, I think I have nailed my routine.
    1. prepoo with olive or coconut oil
    2. once a month place deep condition with protein on top of oil x 15 minutes (oyin honey hemp or Aubrey's GPB)
    3. shampoo in sections – love shea moisture coconut/hibiscus shampoo
    4. condition with giovanni 50/50
    5. leave in -Kinky Curly Knot today.
    6. Twist with one of my creamy butters (shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, qhemet's burdock root cream, or afroveda's power)
    7. Take down twist with any oil on my hands.
    Daily add some Oyin hair dew and tie down twist out with scarf. Fluff in Am

  • EveK says:

    @ curlynikki, excuse me, but do you buy the silk protein separate? or is it already in a product you use if so which one,and can you please direct me to silicones that are good/ have you talked about them here? what product are you using with silicones that are working for you? i am new to this. thanks

  • KinkyKonscious says:

    You know I love? KBB's Sweet Ambrosia! It makes my hair soooo nice!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    @anon, mine has no hydrolized wheat protein. My hair hates that ingredient.

    here's what my ingredient list says–

    Water, Methylciclopolyslloxane, Dimethylpolysiloxane, Fatty Alcohol C14-C18, Cetrimonium Chloride, Hydrolized Silk protein, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Dipalmitoil-Etil-Hidroxietilmonium Metosulfate, Fragrance, Methychloroisotiazolonone/Methylisotiazolinone, DMDM Hidantoine

    After doing some research around the web, I see quite a few discrepancies. I can't vouch for the Lacio with the wheat protein. The Silk protein, however, sweet baby Jesus.

  • Anonymous says:

    For those interested, here are Lacio Lacio's ingredients: Water, Methylciclopolyslloxane, Dimethylpolysiloxane, Alcohol Graso C14-C18, Cetrimonium Chloride, (Quaternium 79) Hidrolized Wheat Protein, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Fragrance, DMDM Hidantoine, Methylchlorisothiazolinone/Methylisothiazolinone.

    It got good reviews from Amazon too, but some reports of scalp irritation from thos with sensitive scalps.

  • Valeria says:

    I am Henna'ing as we speak. I ordered 1000g for $40 from Jamilla 2009 crop…(they're still selling that amount for the same price) Finally, I can be consistent with my treatments. I'm shooting for twice a month. Right now my hair is at a length where I only need to use one pack(box) so I'm sure I'll be adding Henna as a gift on my Christmas list to re-up my stock.

    I have noticed since I've been using curlformers to stretch my hair, its easier to manage–I don't feel like I have to ALWAYS stick my head under a faucet to achieve a hair style. Bobby pins are truly my best friend.

    I also am a faithful user of Jamaican Black Castor Oil! At least three times a week I'm parting my hair and oiling my scalp. My hair loves it, my edges love it. I know some say it makes their hair hard when they use it too often…
    In the mornings I use about a dime size amount of grapeseed oil and run it through my hair.

    I'm just so excited about my hair journey. Last year this time I was really getting serious about my hair and now my only regret is not starting sooner!

    Nikki, you're an inspiration! 🙂

  • Candace4life says:

    Have any of you tried the new line from Queen Helene Royal Curling Creme? after watching Africanexport on YT with it. I went out and brought it and like it, but must say don't use to much because it will flake on you but it has a good hold, and the curls are defined and shine along with it.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    @anon, lol @ bread loaf hair. I have a visual and I'm super jealous cause I *heart* volume and thick hair. We always covet what we don't have :-/
    Anyway, I've read a ton of Lacio Lacio and Salerm 21 reviews and just about everyone enjoys smoother hair that's less likely to revert quickly. Give them both a try and report back! I'd use one of them plus an oil.

  • Anonymous says:


  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    @Pecancurls, yes, they do! I love me some Krispy Kreme.

    I like Lacio Lacio better than Salerm 21! Leaves me just as moisturized and smooth, but a little less product-y. Try it!

  • Pecancurls says:


    Crack! LOL!! I think they sprinkle some on Krispy Kreme doughnuts! :)Is the Lacio Lacio better than Salerm21? I have been using that and pleasantly pleased.

  • Anonymous says:

    I need something to help me with my roller sets. Does this product work for thick hair.. My hair is extra thick and wavy/kinky. I have a little bit of color on the ends that I am trimming. It seems that everytime I try to do a roller set my hair reverts back. I tried to flat iron twice and it reverted back. Nothing is working. I was almost tempted to go back to a perm. After the bc and a year long of working with my hair. I miss having my shoulder length straight hair or something framing my face. I am tired of twists out and french rolls, up do's. My daughter says my hair looks like a Bread Loaf…It was nice at first, but now I feel like I'm in a retro movie of the 40's. I swear my forehead is in three D…LOL Help please

  • ChiCurly1908 says:

    Not CRACK!!! I almost choked on my lunch!!! Off to take a look…

  • Anonymous says:

    Loved Lacio Lacio when relaxed. Never thought about it since going natural. Off to order…..

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