Last night…

…I donned the bonnet and this morning released to reveal…
and after some fluffing, I was good to go
  Check in later!

Pit stopped in St. Louis after the Charlotte meetup to kick it with the fam and to attempt to rest my soul.  I’m still awaiting that full recovery after coming down with a bug last month, and have started yet another round of antibiotics… third times a charm I suppose.  Nothing much else to report… unlike ‘The Hangover Part III’ aka the Orlando meetup, I didn’t miss my flight out the next morning, well I almost did, but we made it and I arrived in STL greeted by Momma’s smiling face with red Gatorade and burnt up hot dogs.  Before I fly out to New Orleans next week, I plan to score some Peach Vess and a box of pork fried rice… maybe even a bag of Red Hot Riplets… and some Imos… *whispers to self* yeah… Imos.

Check out the view-

 I hadn’t washed my hair since the Charlotte meetup and that mess was dry, angry and tangled.  Out of sheer laziness, I raked some Ouidad Hydrafusion through my damp hair (on top of a little Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat), in sections… maybe 10, and allowed to air dry. 
Forgot to add that I added a bit of UltraSheen grease to my ends once dry. 
sides are wavy and loose
back is coily and frizzy
Apparently Boogie feels the need to be a bit more ‘revolutionary’ than Mommy #BabyPowerFist
#ThankYouMomma #OnlyWay2EatEem
It’s 110 degrees in St. Louis… we probably could’ve just set these mugs outside for a few minutes and got the same result.