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Curly Nikki

I Dreamt of Bacon Last Night.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
I Dreamt of Bacon Last Night.
All these veggies in front of me and all I want is a freaking burnt hotdog. Ohhhh…or a trough o’ bacon! #StayStrongNik #1MoDay #IBlendedThat

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I challenged myself to a three day meatless, dairly-less situation for a bit of spring cleaning, if you will.  3 days. Easy peasey… no bigs, right? Nope, shit just got real.  This morning, I almost knocked Gia down trying to get at her chicken sausage.  I’ve been- and I’m assuming here- intolerably cranky and for that, Dear Hubby, I apologize. It’s almost over, and while I have no plans to go H.A.M. (pun definitely intended), I do want to reel in my meat intake to once, or at most, twice a day. #MeatSweatsAintSexy

Oh and by the way, this was the first time ever, in all my naturaldom, that I’ve purchased Coconut oil purely for the purposes of consumption.

Later Gators,

Anyone else partaking in a spring cleanse?  

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