Okay, so I know that the Spanish to English translation doesn’t make much sense, but I thought it was cute, so shut it!

Moving on, if you keep up with me and my shenanigans, then you know that my family LOVES a reason to party. I’m talking when Boogie got her first tooth, we almost popped a bottle and threw on the soundtrack to CARWASH. *does a little dance* So what better reason to celebrate than for my mother’s 50th birthday? In proper Lee fashion the whole family (and friends) got all fancied up in their Saturday night Sunday’s best to have a good time with Silver Bullet.  As was expected, we had a grand old time in St. Louis at a fabulous little place called CJ Muggs. Good music, good food, good drinks, and lots of laughs.  Happy Birthday Momma!!!!

 Check out the view:


PreGame- the night before the party, we surprised Momma and had her Dad flown in to celebrate with her. She was a #ThroughPiece. 

The Partaaay
Aunt Toney surprised Momma with a collage 

My favorite pic- She was really proud of that blue couch!

The woman of the hour with her brother, Uncle Del, aka The Pastor, aka Uncle Chocolate! 

My mom with her mom, Grandma Louise!

Momma with her parents and brother… couldn’t tell her nothin’.

Aunt Toney with her son, Nick and The Boog! 
Toney’s henna’ed hurr
My Mommy! + What I Wore– 
Harem pant (#imMCHammer)- Gifted from ROMWE
Shirt- GAP
Blazer- Urban Outfitters
Necklace- Express

Uncle Del and his wife, Tara + The Dr. Anderson! 
I’m sure she just said something mildly inappropriate, but no doubt hilarious. #LoveMyGma
#imGoingBroke #imMCHammer
Mom with her co-workers, acting grown
My boo’s

My sister, Syl and her boo, Perry + my cousins, Danielle & Caitlyn and The Boog!

*singing* Happy birthday to ya…
Daddy with one of his oldest and bestest friends, Rod Simmons

speech, speech, speech!
Hubby and Momma (officially 1 year natural!) + My Momma & Grandpa 
Eating ALL the cake and rocking ALL the curls 🙂

#sugarwasted hanging on to Perry 

Even more pics!

curlynikki's Cinco De Mommy album on Photobucket

Later Gators,

What are your Cinco De Mayo plans?