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Maintaining Your Natural Hair While Exercising

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Maintaining Your Natural Hair While Exercising
by Alicia James of

Summer is in full swing, and we all want to walk around the beach in our sexy swimsuits! I love working out, and it is very important for me to stay fit year round. It is also important that my hair is taken care of and always looks presentable.

How Do You Wear Your Hair When Working Out?

  • High Bun
  • Low Bun
  • Pineapple Method
  • Satin Cap
  • Twist
  • Braids
  • Bantu Knots

*Leave the hair alone until it dries after usually after my shower and make up. If I style or manipulate the hair before it dries, it frizzes up.

How Often Do You Wash?

  • I work out several times during the week, but I don’t sweat a lot in my head. How often you wash will definitely depend on your sweating, how irritated your scalp get, and if your hair smells.
  • I do not wash after every workout. Depending on your hair you can co wash a few times during the week if needed.
  • Some use a natural astringent to cleanse the scalp and then massage the scalp with oil. I massage the scalp with oil, but I do not use an astringent. Please do your research if you decide to try that method. The astringent can dry the scalp.

Plan Plan Plan

  • Plan your workouts and hair maintenance
  • You want to make sure that your have time set aside for your workout and also the time to wash and maintain your hair. On the days where you are doing lighter workouts and have the day off, you can have a little more fun with your hair!
  • Lastly…fitness is important…..never sacrifice health for hair. If you can get some workouts in during the week, use a simple method to maintain your hair!

Hope this helps!

What are some things you do to maintain your hair during and in between workouts?

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