So this is day 4 of my Spanish adventures.  We’ve been going jamón (Ham-on) since we touched down in this strange new place and our time (which is totally warped… I have no idea what day it is) has been filled with hella walking, sightseeing, breathtaking views, tapas and new friends.  No matter what time of the day we wander out of our flat, folks are on the street, loitering, lol, drinking, dancing… enjoying one another’s company.  They know what they’re doing! Good thing I packed my party pants and my liver! #PourItUp
I’ve compiled a pictorial of the past 3 days.  Enjoy!

Highlights from Day 2

So, after my 30th birthday party shenanigans, we got a little rest before stomping the pavement off the streets… again.  Awanda of GoNaturalSpain met us at GranVia for a little sightseeing, window shopping and fellowship. 
peep the bummy attire? #WeTired
saw a protest for better health care, education and jobs…
Hubby loves a good protest… he doesn’t care what for, he’s just mad at ish!
While strolling through the streets of Gran Via, that guy in the awesome tie approached us and told us about an authentic Brazilian restaurant a few blocks over.  We couldn’t help ourselves and that was good news, because the Feijoada and Caipirinhas were the kitties titties!  Lindon (dude) was a party in a box and sang us Tina Turner songs and danced, danced, danced.  Classic. 

Then we went to La Cocina de San Anton for drinks
Hubby surprised me with a birthday cupcake… I cried. 
Hubby spied weird eats and despite his lack of appetite (remember the Brazilian joint we just ate at?), he ordered up some barnacles and what we think are razor clams!  I tried it all… delicious!  
found another exit sign! ha! #Booking #GetMeTheHellOuttaHere

viewed the royal garden 
Highlights from Day 3
 We put on our tourista hats and set out on our own to visit the Royal palace.  
…couldn’t take cameras inside, so I’ll describe it to you- ridiculously ornate, gold plated, fresco-covered ish, with more fine china than in all of China…and enough silver to fill everyone’s grandma’s collection… Powerful stuff. 
shirt gifted from Romwe!
All that castle viewing made us ravenous, so we went for more tapas, of course…
every street looks like this
The little black things on the left are blood sausages, Hubby liked em…I’m cool, tho!  

We hung out until the sun went down and on our walk home, stumbled into this guy-
Lindon works nights at this restaurant… this time we had to get him on camera for y’all!  
 hahaha! #Bookin 
 Day 4 Highlights

Back on the streets, we set out to find the oldest restaurant in the world- Botin!  Andrew Zimmern said it’s a must stop on a Madrid trip.  So we did it. 

They’ve used the same kitchen, oven and food preparation style since 1725! 

 ancient ass cash register
 Their specialty? Baby piggies. To qualify as a ‘suckling pig’, the pig can’t be older than 1 month and no more than 7 pounds.  The carnage! 

sangrias! #PourItUp
 Baby Squid served in their own ink! It was actually good… the ink was flavored and reminiscent of a hearty gravy. 
had to try their famous dish! #BabyPig #OhTheHumanity
 On our way back to the crib, I saw her- 

#Dope #SheTight

And… for Boogie… Spider Man?!
#ForWhy #ILikeYoShoesTho 
jacket gifted from Romwe!
On our way out! Check back in soon!