Since our triumphant return from Spain, we’ve engaged in a lengthy detour through our hometown, St. Louis, MO. Besides visiting with the people we love and appreciate most, we’ve been taking in the city like Dorothy took in Oz until we find our way back to State College. I know we’re from STL, but we left for college and have been going 100 miles per hour ever since… so we’ve missed a lil bit.

Since coming home, we’ve survived:

(1) A damn tornado

One thing that sort of slipped our minds before our little springtime visit was the issue of tornadoes. So of course several touched down last Friday, one, in fact just a block from my parent’s home. As we sat in the basement with the radio on, and the tornado warning sirens blaring, we could hear all hell breaking loose outside. Gia was a through piece and I can’t lie, I was shook while I waited to hear the sounds of the proverbial ‘freight train’ that I’ve been told comes along with that short trip to Oz.


The lights flickered and went out and my curly life flashed before my eyes. The power stayed out for 3 days but we were thankful for hot water and the mild temperatures. Gia and I bailed tho and fled for greener, more electrified pastures at my Mother-in-Law’s.

(2) The Magic House (again)

playing with this Tonka longer than the law should allow, made me feel like a wicked witch
not everybody made it tho…

(3) Flying equipment at a cardinals game.

Baseball. The American pastime. But let’s face it, it’s boring as hell and I pretty much go for the hotdogs. But seeing as how this was Gia’s first game (and she was AMPED!) and we had fancy seats above the dugout, I was all for it. After eating myself stupid (a hotdog, cotton candy, a pretzel, hotdog numero dos, nachos, popcorn, a beer which provoked a Homer Simpson-esque belch) and getting the itis, I perked up real quick when a dude not too many seats over got beamed with a foul ball. They had to call the medics in and everything! Several came our way, and 8 rounds of “the wave” later a bat spun toward us. I was done. It’s all fun and games until someones fro gets grazed by 32 inches of pine.


Later Gators,

P.S. Yo girl Boog. We were at a park that didn’t have any discernible public restrooms and she told me she needed to ‘go teetee’. I took her by the car, swung the door open and helped her assume the position.  But before I could get the pants and Dora panties over her butt, she looked up at me, waving her little hands in front of her face, ‘no Mama! No! I don’t teetee on the ground! Where bathroom?!’  Her face was SO very serious and homegirl held that pee for another hour. #Classy

Her hair is thriving on a healthy dose of coconut oil, Curl Junkie’s Smoothing Lotion and water.  She’s in protective styles 80% of the time. 

What else should we do while we’re in the LOU?!