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Curly Nikki

My Weekend, in Pictures…

By January 27th, 2021108 Comments
And the winner is…
Congrats boo! Email me ( ASAP w/ your address!

The ‘Wholesome’ Fun-

Syl and I took Gia to The Magic House- the St. Louis children’s museum with interactive exhibits that encourage hands on learning, role playing and fun for all ages.  Per usual, my inner child busted out and probably had more fun than Boog, but unlike the Farm, she really enjoyed herself.  There was an entire imaginary world complete with a bank, a grocery store, a vet clinic, and an auto shop and I was thoroughly entertained watching the kiddos pretend to do the mundane ish they watch us do all day. Although it was entirely too crowded and many of the kids were rude and way out of order, I’ll definitely be taking her back. She LOVED it.

My Weekend, in Pictures...My Weekend, in Pictures...

The kiddy grocery store was absolute chaos. While Boog was busy stocking up on essentials, there was a little girl running around frantically exclaiming, ‘they’re all out of pineapples!’, while another kid sneakily stuffed fake cash from the fake cash register into an empty container of ice cream before making a run for it.

My Weekend, in Pictures...

My Weekend, in Pictures...
‘is this the one with reduced sugar?’

My Weekend, in Pictures...
she refused to drive until she was properly buckled up
My Weekend, in Pictures...
fill ‘er up boo!
My Weekend, in Pictures...
My Weekend, in Pictures...My Weekend, in Pictures...

My Weekend, in Pictures...

Gia went from curious, to worried to ‘done’. 

My Weekend, in Pictures...My Weekend, in Pictures...

My Weekend, in Pictures...


The ‘We go hard in the paint’ fun-

Sylvia’s boyfriend Perry and his twin sister Danielle brought in their 25th year with friends, good music, lotso drinks and bad dancing… well the latter was mostly just me.  I received a text this morning from Jon asking if I remembered that chicken dance/shuck n jive shuffle I was doing last night, and while the answer to that question was no (although I don’t doubt it), I do remember going particularly hard when ‘Cashin’ Out’ came on.  I also recall requesting Wayne’s ‘Go DJ’ to which the dj responded, ‘damn, you’re old’.  Touche boo.

 My Weekend, in Pictures...
The birthday twins!

My Weekend, in Pictures...
My Weekend, in Pictures... 
Clearly talking ish here. Can you believe everybody was talking about my ‘combat boots?’ I mean, it was only 95 degrees, lol!

My Weekend, in Pictures... 
Sylvia Photobomb #1
 My Weekend, in Pictures...

My Weekend, in Pictures...My Weekend, in Pictures...
My Weekend, in Pictures...

My Weekend, in Pictures... 
I love my city but…well, nevermind *sigh* #SoStLouis
My Weekend, in Pictures... 
Ooooh! Its like the version of who wore it better #Rawr #SoStLouis
My Weekend, in Pictures...
My Weekend, in Pictures...

My Weekend, in Pictures...My Weekend, in Pictures...

My Weekend, in Pictures...My Weekend, in Pictures...
My Weekend, in Pictures...
Sylvia Photobombs once again!
My Weekend, in Pictures...

What I wore-

Shirt dress- gifted from Romwe, HERE
Shorts- Forever 21
Tights- gifted from Romwe, HERE
Same old boots from Steve Madden Girl

Syl’s shirt was from Express and her skirt, Charlotte Russe. 

The Hurr-

Okay, so I had no choice but to twist it up.  Care to see why luscious wash and gos aren’t and never can be my go-to style?
My Weekend, in Pictures...
^^^^that’s why^^^^

Snipped those four suckers just for your viewing pleasure and there’s plenty more where they came from.  Those, my dears, are what we call single strand knots… the bottom one was just getting started (see that loop?) and the top three, yeah, done deals.  I hate the way they feel and they always get caught on adjacent hairs and cause even more tangling than usual and I just… I can’t… so I snip them, or else I snap them off with my finger nails. Ratchet. I know. All that to say, I’m back to stretching.

So yesterday afternoon I washed, detangled, chunky twisted (9 twists total) and attempted to do that new stretch technique.  Fail.  I think my twists/sections were too large for it to be effective and gave up as soon as my arms got tired. I used Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat and TIGI Totally Baked to style and sealed the ends with UltraSheen grease.  It was ‘mostly’ dry by 10pm and I released and fluffed away.

 That’s all folks 🙂

For your chance to win a bottle of my highly coveted Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat, tell me what YOU did this weekend!

Tomorrow, I’ll randomly select a winner (must be in the continental US).  Contest closes at 5pm EST on July 2! Good luck!


  • Brooke B. says:

    Gia looks like she has fun in all of her photos, & that play super market looked extra fun.

  • Anonymous says:

    When are those two (Syl & Perry) getting married?!

    Eh, you have a head full of hair, stop obsessing…your hair will be just fine, girly!

  • Courtenay says:

    I see you guys really did party with my cousin Eric, looks like yall had fun LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    I worked and took in the sweltering heat….106 in the Atl. On Sunday I celebrated by brothers 40th B-day in the ac… was a blast. Wore my famous twist-out.


  • Anonymous says:

    I did nothing meaningful and it was great!
    -Vanessa B

  • hairscapades says:

    CONGRATULATIONS RHONDA!! That's my girl:)! So happy that she won!!


  • Anonymous says:! Too funny, hope you enjoyed yourself!

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like you, hubby, Gia, and Sylvia had a great weekend!! As for me, I went out to the club with one of my very best friends! It's always good to catch up and hang out with a long time friend!! On Saturday night I went to my very first wine tasting!! Can you say NASTY!! LOL! Some of that wine tasted like the TUSIN', Robitusin that is! LOL! I was able to find a sweet wine that I enjoyed and took half the bottle home. Can you say I'm not a drinker at all! =)


  • Shauna says:

    I went to a birthday party for a friend at a new lounge/restaurant in Boston, then I went to a great cookout with my sorority sisters, and showed off my new loose naps! I've had locs for 8 years and in november decided that I was down for some new hair but didn't want to cut it off sooo 8 months and 2 big bottle of conditioner later I am now rocking a nice length afro that all my loved ones finally got to see this weekend.

  • Shauna says:

    I went to a birthday party for a friend at a new lounge/restaurant in Boston, then I went to a great cookout with my sorority sisters, and showed off my new loose naps! I've had locs for 8 years and in november decided that I was down for some new hair but didn't want to cut it off sooo 8 months and 2 big bottle of conditioner later I am now rocking a nice length afro that all my loved ones finally got to see this weekend.

  • ashley says:

    OMG! I was done after the "they're all out of pineapples" comment! ROTFL! That was too precious! I enjoyed this one

  • Jada07 says:

    Looks like loads of fun for everyone! This weekend I braved the 110 degree heat(!) at a semipro football game (I am a cheerleader for the team), then spent Sunday recuperating from the heat exhaustion that I suffered. LOL. Good times!

  • Anonymous says:

    This weekend I spent time doing school work #gradschoolaintnojoke.I shopped and washed and twisted my hair, which turned into something more akin to a fight as I let it try before I twisted. Can we say knots and ssk…lol. Oh yeah i pulled an all nighter so I wouldn't be completely behind #team no sleep.

    Ashley G.

  • estelle says:

    This weekend I relaxed relaxed relaxed and ate way too much

  • estelle says:

    This weekend I relaxed relaxed relaxed and ate way too much

  • Meika says:

    This weekend was a busy one for me! my friend and I dropped her mom to work early on Saturday morning and went to the gym and then had plans to go to Old Navy to get the dollar flip flops. Little did we know that the Old Navy by us opened at 8am for the promotion instead of at 9am like we thought. Maaaad people got flip flops for their mom, brother, and uncle! it was crazy! The parking lot was crazy full and there was a line just to get into Old Navy for flip flops. By the time my friend and I got into the store the only colors they had was gray and brown and most of the sizes were gone. So we just left….People were going a little too hard for some $1 sandals.
    Later on that day I took my godson to a birthday party for one of good friend's daughter. She turned one and is growing so fast. There was a big bouncy house for the kids to play in as well as the adults. I made the mistake of going in there while the kids were playing and they started bouncing on me! lol It was all in good fun tho. There was good food, good music, and good company! Then on Sunday was church service, which is always awesome! I must say my weekend was pretty awesome. :o)

  • Shari M says:

    I spent the scorching hot weekend working at a camp that teaches high school students how to be servant leaders. I hate outdoors, but the mission of this camp was too important for me to let my personal prefences keep me from serving the youth. After facilitationg various team building activites, and educating the kids about the DREAM act, it was time to tell the kids goodbye until school resumes in August. When I got home on sunday, I checked my mini-twists for ticks, then applied my pre poo to the twists. Next thing I know, it was time for me to head to work on Monday and prepare to teach summer school!
    ~Shari M.

  • Shanae says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Shanae says:

    I had margaritas and Mexican food with my bestie on Friday. Had friends and family over on Saturday since their power was out. Had a BET Awards party on Sunday night : )

  • Anonymous says:

    This weekend, hubby and I took a trip to IKEA to buy a crib and dresser for our soon-to-be-born son (September 20th due date, yayyy!!). Since we found out we're having a boy, I've been searching for the "perfect" crib. Perfect = great quality, visually appealing, reasonably priced. I was at my wit's end because I had yet to make a choice — all the cribs I saw started to look the same. Finally, hubby suggested IKEA, and I'm glad he did, because I'm really pleased with our purchase. Now we can move on to other baby items that we need before our son arrives!

  • Anonymous says:

    This weekend my husband and I went to Detroit, Michigan to visit my father. We both celebrated out birthdays. His on June 30th and mine July 1st. We're exactly one year apart. I'm younger 😉

    Najwah A.

  • ExtraordinaryChic says:

    My weekend was bittersweet symphony as I got to see some family members that I had not seen in YEARS, but the occasion wasn't the greatest. We sad our final goodbyes to my cousin over the weekend. But, I am taking his attitude towards life, living each day as though it's your last, w/ me as inspiration to keep pushing and following my dreams.

  • Ayisha B says:

    Well Nikki, I was all ready to have a good ole time at my husbands best friends house in NJ, (Hair done, food done, outfit tight)when the hosts got into a spat and cancelled my plans. I had no plan B, so my weekend was a wash!!! Some smooth down butter treat might help fix that 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    This weekend I went to my childhood friend's bachelorette in downtown Denver. I've known her since 3rd grade and she is the first of our friends to get married. It was quite the reunion. A baseball game on Friday, clubbing on Saturday and a day by the pool on Sunday. Lots of laughs, drinks and some tears. It was also my last weekend in Denver before I move to St. Louis. I'm from Colorado Springs. The fires this week were devastating so it was good to relax and be with good friends.

    Ginny W.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki!!

    Well it was Canada day here (July 1), so lots of festivities! I went to brunch with a few girlfriends and then got pedis on Saturday, Sunday I went to my french language lesson in the morning, then to a BBQ celebrating Canada day/ my friend's little bros grad. In the evening we went to an old school jam and shut the place down! Didn't get home until 5 am…when the sun was coming up! Haven't done that since college days. I'm an 80s baby and when some "Candy Rain" came on those 90s babies couldn't tell me nothing lol!!!
    Loved your pics as usual 🙂

    Rhonda T.

  • Astin R. says:

    This weekend was wash weekend so I pre-pooed overnight with coconut oil and kept it in until I got back from my Saturday morning spinning class. Then I spent the rest of the day (and the early hours of Sunday) washing, conditioning, detangling, and styling my hair (small two strand twists) but I definitely made it to church on time on Sunday 🙂

  • cafemochalady says:

    I'm gonna miss the Lou when I move at the end of the month. Glad you had a good weekend. We went to see Will Downing…loved him!

  • KISS says:

    I went to church, then cooked dinner for my family. That is all!

  • Just Call Me Dr.KJH says:

    My weekend was spent chauffeuring my grandmother around and handling business! I enjoyed it, but I don't think I had as much fun as you! lol.

  • Kellie N. says:

    Enjoyed the RARE 80-degree weather in JULY, in HOUSTON! Outside activities did not leave me drenched with sweat!

  • Breezy117 says:

    Friday night I just stayed home and did my laundry. Saturday I went shopping with my sister and got my new protective style, kinky twists. Sunday I went to church and chilled with my family.

  • Kika says:

    This weekend I spent hours in my parents backyard (in 90+ degree heat by the way) helping them prepare for my younger sisters graduation Open House. We chopped trees, set up tents and tables until I finally had enough of the heat and went inside.

    Saturday was the Open House and boy was it even hotter!! She had a nice turn out and the food was great. After the open house I went to see Magic Mike and I kept covering my eyes but felt compelled to watch since I spent money and I fell in love with Channing Tatum all over again!
    Sunday I went to church where my Pastor preached the greatest Illustrated Sermon ever using the characters of The Avengers.
    Then I cuddled up in our cold basement turned on Netflix watched 24 Season 1(which I'm just now learning about), watched the BET Mess Awards and the gymnastics trials (Go Gabby Douglas!)
    The End!

  • KeshaSharee says:

    My weekend was bittersweet. Planned a Detroit Zoo outing to celebrate my beta's 3rd Bday but he was sick. Instead, we rented a lot of old school Disney movies, made pizzas, cakes and other desserts and vegg'd out. He also had a chance to open a couple gifts.

  • Keisha says:

    Bummed that my photo shot shoot was canceled but still took pics anyway, went to church and tried stay out the heat as much as possible

  • JayCee says:

    Pics-Too much fun going on from the kid-friendly to the evening fun events. My weekend-I completed DIY wedding invites, there was not much left but I am done nonetheless! Yes! The fun stuff began shortly after, ha! The weekend was pretty much monopolized with my first ever attempt at Senegalese Twists. I have NEVER installed extensions of any kind but I have been debating with myself on getting box braids, e.g., Solange Knowles. In all my research, I rather fell for Senegalese Twists as well. I poo, co, and deep-co washed my tresses the day before and stretched in plaits. I started out with every intention of doing the braids but for the life of me, I could not get them secured properly at the scalp. Therefore, I scratched that idea and moved on to the twists. After several failed attempts at the very first one eventually, I succeeded. A total of 12 hours (not consecutive), 3 days, 5 bags of synthetic 100% Kanekalon hair later….I have a full head of twists and ILOVE THEM! These joints are hella heavy though…hopefully they can last until wedding month.

  • dajewel1982 says:

    I had an emergency doc visit, hanged out with my homie and worked out

  • Ashlee B says:

    This w/e I was back in STL for my little cousin's graduation/going away party. Out in that heat on Saturday having a good time with the fam. Sunday was chill and get ready for the work week.

  • Kudos says:

    My weekend: Rocked with Jesus, ran from a torrential rainstorm in DC, hung with the nephews, cooled with the dude, churched, and had THE BEST time at First Sunday Dinner with the fam!!

  • Jamie R says:

    This weekend I went to church & realized that the 3:00 service is no place to be. There was no Sunday school for the kids (iDie), the cafe was closed and the regular pastor didn't preach. MOST of all, some crazy lady interrupted the sermon with her threats to an usher. She legit went to go punch her! Still in shock. She was rebuked and escorted out lol. #truestory

  • ABRUNNIN says:

    Friday I passed out around 9p.m. after a long work week. Sat morning I got up and ran with my running buddy- she ran 8 miles I was only able to run like 4.5 smh! Sat night I went to a wine mixer (unlimited wine & cocktails!!) Sunday I made myself go to church and had an awesome sunday afternoon nap. After my nap, I hit the gym for a quick 45 min elliptical session #nodaysoff then headed to a friends to catch the BET awards. Now, I'm back at it Monday morning ready for happy hour this evening a the mid-week holiday (day off) 🙂

  • Derika says:

    I watched a great movie with the hubby, took a much needed nap(third trimester coming soon), did homework for summer school(bummer), and chased my 21 month old around the house but that's everyday lol

  • Tina aka MissT1806 says:

    Love these life in pics post!!!!

    This weekend I worked all day saturday then celebrated a friend's bday at night. Wore me out so did absolutely nothing all day Sunday! Ah such a relief lol

  • Davina916 says:

    It was 100+ degrees where I live, so I stayed in the house all weekend. Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    This weekend I went to Cirque du Soliel Micheal Jackson The Immortal Tour…bomb! And then Saturday lunch and grocery shopping with the boo and my baby girl. Sunday church and clean up.
    Sheena M.

  • Marcia says:

    Looked like a good time! This weekend I went to my nephew's baptism. He was soo cute!!

  • Anonymous says:

    This weekend i indulged in my product junky ways and bought new products!! Kristie

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm currently stationed overseas and me and the hubs decided to take a mini weekend vacation to Nice, France. It was such an amazing place to visit, and was nice to see so many women rocking their natural hair. If you ever get a chance to visit the French Riviera, you must go. Amazing food, and beautiful views in Monte Carlo.


  • Anonymous says:

    Tee- Me,my hubby, and daughter attempted to see madea's movie but it was too crowded on Friday rt. 3 Clifton commons parking lot was a hot mess. So I forced my family to tarjay and bought hair products of course. Saturday we went bowling my least favorite place in the world. Just don't like the balls!…lol Sunday we went to the park for a one on three basketball me and my daughter got spanked by my hubby. It was fun!! Then we chilled at the house under the a.c. For the rest of the evening watching a little tv!

  • hairscapades says:

    Okay, first … Boog's little pony puffs?!?!  TOO ADORABLE!!  My friend took her little one to that museum years and years ago, and it looked like so much FUN for the big kids to me too;)!!

    Second, you know I'm with you on giving up the WnGs due to those crazy SSKs!!  I was steady cutting on Friday morning during my pre-poo!!  I hate the way that my ends felt too!!!  I could feel those jokers doing their nonsense! It's back to stretching for me too!

    Last, did you let your twists dry 90% before trying to stretch? If I remember correctly, Nia B. slept in hers overnight and ended up stretching the next day while they were barely damp. If you tried to stretch immediately after you set the twists, that would probably take far more time, even if you let your hair dry some before applying your products and setting.

    Have a great week lady and hope that you are 100% again! You look great, as always!


  • Arryn C says:

    Spent Friday and Saturday at the pool… then Saturday night with food poisoning 🙁 But finally tried Kimmaytube's leave in condish recipe and my hair loves it!

  • Neesh says:

    Despite working 2 jobs and resulting lack of sleep, I actually did enjoy my weekend. Friday night after work, I met up with my high school best friends. We hadn't all been together in 10 years and it was great to see and spend time with them. Saturday, I worked (of course), went to a babyshower with my sister and then spent a girls' night with my current best friends having much needed "girl talk" about love, relationships and x-e-s…lol. Finally, Sunday I was summoned by my sister and brother-in-law to babysit my niece and nephew while they frantically rushed to the ER because my sister was having intense contractions :(. Once everything was determined to be fine, I went home and did some cleaning while watching the BET Awards with the blankest of faces. LOL…Fun times


  • Faren says:

    Saturday, I had dinner with girlfriends and saw Magic Mike. Yes, it was magical. Sunday, prepped for work and made the most amazing guacamole.

  • DiscoveringNatural says:

    It was a wet rainy weekend. Whenever there was a break I went shopping with my mom

  • Anonymous says:

    beautiful pictures! I love your outfit and those pictures of Gia!

  • Anonymous says:

    Whoops–damp twisted pin-curls, not 'damn'. proofread!

  • Anonymous says:


    Redken smoothdown causes the WORST itchy scalp for me too, but the texture is awesome and so is the smell. Perhaps I'm using too much as a leave-in near my scalp?

    On the other hand, I ran 9 miles (marathon training), shopped for a cute new run-skort as a reward and saw that Magic Mike movie. Perfect single-gal weekend…all while rocking a cute turban with my very damn twisted pin-curls underneath, treated with my own homeade shea mixutre (shea butter, emu oil, jamaican black castor oil and jojoba oil). My.Butters.Are.Whipped.

    Softest, most moisturized and defined twist out I've ever had. I've been at this hard for 3 yrs, yall Emu oil is no joke.

    Love the pics, Nikki! You're rockin' those boots, btw. Go girl!

  • Anonymous says:

    My girlfriends and I REALLY enjoyed Magic Mike on Friday……did 2 birthday parties with kiddos on Saturday and then hit San Fran today and were total tourist! Had a blast…

  • Annabel says:

    I am not eligible, but just want to say Boog is so cute! She and her hair have grown so much, love the pig puffs!

  • Kimmie0810 says:

    I chilled Saturday and listened to the storms Saturday night. Sunday was Family Fun Day! My aunt and cousin came over and brought the kids. We had crabs. The kids played in my dad's fugazi "slip n slide" aka a plastic tarp with the water sprinklers raining down on it lol. Then I watched the BET awards with my 4yr old cousin and alternated between being appalled and entertained that she knew the words to so many of those rap-a-tap songs!

  • Anonymous says:

    Spent overdue QT with the family!

    Monica S.

  • Annabel says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • ♥Ash. says:

    This weekend I went on a day trip to the beach with my best friend and my cousins. It was a graduation present from my cousin who has been like a sister to me. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I went to a bar when i watched one of bosses (who is almost 50 mind you)drop her shorts and chase some bootleg male dancers around the bar. And the really crazy part was none of the people in the bar, just a regular bar not a strip club, did nothing.

  • DaVonda W. says:

    I spent the weekend entertaining my 2 little ones in the AC, it's too dang hot to be outside! Also, went to church and lunch with my Mama. 🙂

  • Malisia says:

    This weekend the hubby and I traveled to Texarkana,AR for a family reunion picnic. I did my first wash n go for the summer and was very happy with the results. It was exciting to see my hair hanging for the first time sine my BC March 2011.

  • Ti'ana Branham says:

    Hey Nikki! Great pics, Gia is sooo precious! This weekend wasn't nearly as fun as last weekend in Charlotte, but I made the best of it. I was back on the grind between a summer health science internship and my part time job at Bath and Body Works. Quite busy, but I sometimes rather it that way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki,I spent Saturday morning at my son's basketball game. The rest of the day was spent doing a henna treatment which ended with my hair finally drying at 10pm. On today, Sunday, I went to church with a fresh twist out. I live in the deep south and it was hoooooottttttt!


  • Sunflowergurl says:

    My kids are home for the summer and we had fun in the sun and swam in the pool all day!

  • CurlyChemist says:

    I spent the weekend doing box braids on my daughter. Two days about 6 hours, but I did it first time. I am the :)))

  • Akeia says:

    I spent time with my "not-so-little" brother for the first time in 2 years (imagine my surprise when I picked him up and saw that he was 6'1" with a beard and mustache!)!!! I also spent time with my dad. And I spent 5 whole hours putting mini twists in my hair after pullings rocks and sand out from our trip to the beach. It was a great weekend

  • CurlyChellez says:

    I just went to dinner with my friend saturday evening, went to work today and now getting ready to go on a date 🙂

  • M says:

    I roamed around looking for power, plugging my cell phone in any outlet I could find and praying my power wouldn't take the 5-7 days they said it would to come back on in this heat! #DCstorms.


  • Dee W says:

    I stayed home under the AC. Could not deal with the heat.

  • Ebony B says:

    This weekend was dedicated to my daughters 15 & 3. Friday the Lil one had movie night at daycare, which meant for an extra $20 they kept her until 10pm. So I picked up the tween from her first week of Upward Bound and she and I bonded over a wack a$$ movie, Abraham Lincoln Vampire something other��. Saturday since it was 95 up here in the NY we headed out early to the beach. Glided into Sunday with a swim date at a friends house with her grandson and returning my young lady to Upward Bound for week two. I love when I spend time with my girls.

  • moya says:

    My weekend was spent with my 2 kids n hubby..he was sweet meet me at work with kids, Friday we had lunch, thn did some shopping together saturday for a vacation trip coming up this Month. Nikki u guys look like u were hvin a Blast frm the next o u and Hubby look like he was enjoyinh im Liquor it show in the eyes..:)

  • Stacye says:

    This was my first weekend NOT having to teach dance. Soooo, I got up late, got a massage 🙂 and got my nails shellac'ed so they will tight and right for the CN meet up in N.O. Thursday!!! Today, Sunday, I went to church and then went to my friends house so she could practice contouring techniques on my face ( she is a makeup artist). My hair is still all over my head 🙁 Guess when I win that smooth down butter from CN I will get that situation in place! 😉

  • Kyla says:

    Love the pics! Busy weekend. Saturday I drove over 200 miles to an all day church event with my hair in bantu knots so they would be fresh when I got there. Sealed with coconut oil and did protective styling in the car. Fly! Pineappled when I got home and woke up to great stretched curls. Sunday, did the tourist thing and took Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, then China Town, and ended the day in Central Park. Whew!

  • Nashira says:

    In reference to the bad kids at the museum, what in the world are some of these parents doing these days?? yesterday i went to old navy, needed some khaki shorts for work, and it was complete chaos because of their $1 flip flop sale. one little boy was tearin apart the mannequins, going behind the cash registers and trying to play tricks on other kids. he could use a week with my grandpa and his belt, lol

  • Anonymous says:

    On Saturday I grilled Tandoori-Style chicken with Naan bread. I purchased the Patak's Tandoori paste from the grocery and mixed it with yogurt and marinated the chicken with it for a couple of hours in the fridge. I purchased the Naan bread from Trader Joes and placed it on the backyard grill to warm just before serving.

    On Sunday I spent time with my family, walked the puppy twice, then did some Kaplan NCLEX practice questions for my upcoming Nursing Licensure exam.

    I washed my hair with Terressentials Left Coast Lemon (purchased during visit to Maryland) and applied KCKT and KCCC for the most banging wash-n-go ever!

    How I accomplished it. I have short 4c curls. After rinsing the Terressentials out, I apply the KCKT to detangle. I twist the detangled sections in hair clips and rinse. I reapply the clip after rinsing each section.

    I cover my hair with a plastic shower cap and turban a towel to catch the drippies. I do not towel dry my hair.

    I apply a small amount of KCKT and KCCC to each twisted section, comb through, re-twist and clip.

    I use a modified denman to detangle, and the Sally Beauty "Tool Structure Tortoise Backcomber" (Sally Item #: SBS-502115) to form the clumps.

    Starting at the nape, I remove one clip, smooth and comb small sections until it's smooth and wavy. I slowly pull the backcomber through the section and let the coils drop off the teeth of the comb.

    I repeat the process over my entire head. I use a toothbrush to style my "baby hurrs", and I let it dry.

    I don't care if I win the butter treat since I'm back on the "no-cones" bandwagon. I just hope I can help someone else with 4c werk the KCCC!

    Thank heavens for Terressentials and that Sally Backcomber! WNG's were never my friend until now!



  • kwnatural says:

    I've been working all weekend, grading an endless virtual mound of papers. It was just too hot (104 in the shade) to do anything else. I also ordered some leave-in conditioner from… I am a conditioner junkie!

  • Keisha says:

    your sis outfit is sooo cute.

  • Anonymous says:

    I worked on Saturday till 1:15pm, came home, changed clothes and went to the store to get some snacks before going to see MADEA'S WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM but it was sold out. So, today (Sunday)I went to church, came home and ate, then set out for the movie again.(success this time!!)lol.
    Allnatural1 (Michelle in TX)

  • Anonymous says:

    My nephew turned two today we are having his birthday party is on Monday at chucky cheese. I had fun with my family we went to dinner at Boulder Station casino feast buffet it is in Las Vegas, Nevada. I ate baked fish a salad green beans, broccoli, whole wheat roll and water melon. I have type one diabetes I am 22 so not seconds or thirds I ate a bite size slice of cheese cake. My sugar level was all good because we went for a walk in our neighborhood (my mom and I ). I did a braid out my hairand my mothers and it turn out bomb. I do not do wash n' go's either because of the tangles and the dryness I twist or braid it up. Your hair looks fabulous that red lip stick is cute on you. What lip stick is that I canot find a red lip stick that I like on me.

    Megan Montgomery

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm doing an 8 week boot camp program (Sat. & Sun). So I started both days waking up a 5:45am; make it to the boot camp by 7am to get my butt whipped into shape. Saturday afternoon/night I went to a 20 year wedding anniversary, I came home and crashed on my couch after midnight and got right back up something to 6 to make it to boot camp. Came home, washed my hair, and fell asleep for 2 hours with a conditioner in my hair. The rest of Sunday was chill…I straighten my hair, ate, went to the store and now eating again watching 2012 BET Awards.


  • CJayQueen says:

    I had the "pleasure" of taking my son to two outdoor birthday parties! I live in the South so that is so not what's up! Can you say…HOT and HUMID???

  • CJayQueen says:

    I had the "pleasure" of taking my son to two outdoor birthday parties! I live in the South so that is so not what's up! Can you say…HOT and HUMID???

  • Tina says:

    This weekend, I went to one of my dear friends baby shower which was awesome on Saturday. Today is wash day for my hair. I co washed, deep conditioned and I styled a wash and go! I must say it was a success! : )

  • Anonymous says:

    My hubby and I camped out in the moonlight…we didn't have power for two days due to the storm.


  • Anonymous says:

    I went to a barbeque and almost died from the heat!

  • Trisha says:

    Outfit, hair and commentary were all great! You are a rockstar CN! Your husband was looking good too, looks like you had a good time.

  • Blane says:

    Weren't you hot in hose and boots?

  • Imani says:

    Lol at "Who Wore it Better"… Nikki, you bad. Looks like a blast and a half!

  • NearNThere says:

    Partied hard with the son at the kiddie section of the pool!

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki you and your husband are too cute together!

  • Danquinelle H says:

    I went to work…and spent time with the boo. Then I went to church…then slept through the rain @ home afterwards 🙂

  • Anonymous says:



  • Jillian S. says:

    I went on an awesome date with a sweet, intelligent, and driven guy! Watch some Lifetime movies. Of course, pampered my hair with a nice and simple aloe vera juice and water mixture!

  • Anonymous says:



  • Devon says:

    This weekend my mom had baby girl, so I started my day by grabbing some $1 flip flops from Old Navy while waiting for my car's oil to get changed. Went home & started my pre poo with EVCO. Napped for an hour, washed hair, protein treatment, then deep treatment & finally styled hair in a wash n go. My babe & I headed out to grab sno cones & some good ol chicken & rice. Finished the night out with a late night swim. So yes, had to wash & deep treat AGAIN, but it was all worth it. Had the best weekend with my babe, kicking it like old times:)

  • Talia-Renee King says:

    does redken smooth down flake like psoriases for anyonelse?? i love the way it makes my hair feel just hate the flakes 🙁

  • Talia-Renee King says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • tashacu02 says:

    It was hot as hell this weekend, I stayed indoors with my hubby and two year old daughter and kept my couch and TV company. LOL!

  • Unknown says:

    Well Nikki,
    I thought I'd be a good mom and take the kids to Six Flags St. Louis eventhough it was hot as h*** today…epic fail. There was hardy anybody there, which was nice because we got ride the rides without much wait at all. My wash n go was the bomb digetty so why I ruin it by going on the wettest water ride there was? So then I end up with a dry mess on my head. It was cool though—curls were still representing. After four hours of the scorching heat, we called it a wrap, but not visiting the coveted Bumper Cars. Big mistake!!! My daughter left my clutch wallet in her seat. Here we are at the gas station across the street from Six Flags on dead E and no cash!!! I rush back to Six Flags hoping someone turned in my wallet with the cash still in tact. Well, wallet, yes, cash, no. I was not pleased with my fellow man. There we were trying to make the 25 mile trip home on E. Needless to say, we made it. I went straight to the shower to co-wash my hair…first things first.

  • Rhonda C says:


    I loved the pics of the family adventures and your twist out was fab (as usual). On other fronts, Gia has puffs and I am loving them! It's official, she is now a little girl…..! If you are in Philly, check out the "Please Touch Museum" it is a newly renovated mecca for kids.

    This weekend? I went to the theatre to see "Hairspray" with my date, Kennedy Marie (my daughter). #goodtimes

  • aleiawalker says:

    Friday I hosted a cupcake tasting for my new bakery and it was great! I spent Saturday preparing for a juice cleanse I am doing this week…I bought a new juicer, and loads of fresh fruits and veggies which I prepped today to begin juicing tomorrow! And I've had an awesome hair weekend using the Redken Smooth Down Butter– I should be a spokesperson because I got so many compliments and told everyone who asked me what I used about the Smooth Down Butter but Im on my last little bit!

  • Jay-D says:

    This weekend was all about finding powerless fun. Our power went out around 10 PM Friday night, so my brother, sister and I played cards by flashlight till we got tired. We woke up to a still powerless situation and went bowling to cool off. Slept with as little clothes as possible 'cause it was 90+ degrees in the house, and escaped to the mall today since church was also powerless. And we hooped and holler'd when we returned to a powerful home. 🙂

  • Unknown says:

    This weekend I tried to do a roller set with the huge pink and yellow magnetic rollers. I used Carol Daughter's Chocolat Smoothing system and Jane Carter's Wrap N Roll. :-/ EPIC FAIL! My hair looked like a lion's mane. Sad day…So I did what any smart curlie would, I found my fav moisturizer and oil and bantu-knotted it for church. Thank goodness the CN N.O. meetup is next week. I may have time to figure it out……..maybe #the life of a kinky-curly 🙂

  • books says:

    I had a mixture of chill and busy weekend. Friday night went for drinks with my co-workers and drank a wee bit too much. Saturday morning i took my my 1st screen printing class!! I went promptly home afterwards to finishing nursing my hangover. On Sunday I packed up all my art supplies and moved into my 1st artist studio. It's going to be my 1st time have a space just dedicated to art making!

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