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The ‘Wholesome’ Fun-

Syl and I took Gia to The Magic House- the St. Louis children’s museum with interactive exhibits that encourage hands on learning, role playing and fun for all ages.  Per usual, my inner child busted out and probably had more fun than Boog, but unlike the Farm, she really enjoyed herself.  There was an entire imaginary world complete with a bank, a grocery store, a vet clinic, and an auto shop and I was thoroughly entertained watching the kiddos pretend to do the mundane ish they watch us do all day. Although it was entirely too crowded and many of the kids were rude and way out of order, I’ll definitely be taking her back. She LOVED it.

The kiddy grocery store was absolute chaos. While Boog was busy stocking up on essentials, there was a little girl running around frantically exclaiming, ‘they’re all out of pineapples!’, while another kid sneakily stuffed fake cash from the fake cash register into an empty container of ice cream before making a run for it.

‘is this the one with reduced sugar?’

she refused to drive until she was properly buckled up
fill ‘er up boo!

Gia went from curious, to worried to ‘done’. 


The ‘We go hard in the paint’ fun-

Sylvia’s boyfriend Perry and his twin sister Danielle brought in their 25th year with friends, good music, lotso drinks and bad dancing… well the latter was mostly just me.  I received a text this morning from Jon asking if I remembered that chicken dance/shuck n jive shuffle I was doing last night, and while the answer to that question was no (although I don’t doubt it), I do remember going particularly hard when ‘Cashin’ Out’ came on.  I also recall requesting Wayne’s ‘Go DJ’ to which the dj responded, ‘damn, you’re old’.  Touche boo.

The birthday twins!

Clearly talking ish here. Can you believe everybody was talking about my ‘combat boots?’ I mean, it was only 95 degrees, lol!

Sylvia Photobomb #1

I love my city but…well, nevermind *sigh* #SoStLouis
Ooooh! Its like the version of who wore it better #Rawr #SoStLouis

Sylvia Photobombs once again!

What I wore-

Shirt dress- gifted from Romwe, HERE
Shorts- Forever 21
Tights- gifted from Romwe, HERE
Same old boots from Steve Madden Girl

Syl’s shirt was from Express and her skirt, Charlotte Russe. 

The Hurr-

Okay, so I had no choice but to twist it up.  Care to see why luscious wash and gos aren’t and never can be my go-to style?
^^^^that’s why^^^^

Snipped those four suckers just for your viewing pleasure and there’s plenty more where they came from.  Those, my dears, are what we call single strand knots… the bottom one was just getting started (see that loop?) and the top three, yeah, done deals.  I hate the way they feel and they always get caught on adjacent hairs and cause even more tangling than usual and I just… I can’t… so I snip them, or else I snap them off with my finger nails. Ratchet. I know. All that to say, I’m back to stretching.

So yesterday afternoon I washed, detangled, chunky twisted (9 twists total) and attempted to do that new stretch technique.  Fail.  I think my twists/sections were too large for it to be effective and gave up as soon as my arms got tired. I used Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat and TIGI Totally Baked to style and sealed the ends with UltraSheen grease.  It was ‘mostly’ dry by 10pm and I released and fluffed away.

 That’s all folks 🙂

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