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Curly Nikki

Home, Sweet Home.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Home, Sweet Home.

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We left St. Louis a week ago and I’ve been wanting to check in, but have seriously been checked out – in a good way, of course! Besides keeping the blog updated with the freshest curly reads, I’ve been very introspective… contemplative, doing my mindfulness thing, and really spending a ton of time with my two favorite peeps- Hubby and the kiddo. Of everything that has transpired this past week, I’ll leave you with these three-

1.  I understand more than ever that there is no place like home… even if that home is in State College, Pennsylvania. Yesterday I drove to the grocery store, taking in the rolling hills and open fields, listening to FUN.– very present, not wanting to miss a thing and not thinking about future worries. On my way back down the same stretch of road, I was taking in every little detail of the drive- the contrast of the fluffy white clouds against the intensely blue sky, the feeling of the wind hitting my face, not wanting to miss a single OH MY DAMN WHERE DID THESE COWS COME FROM. One hundred and fifty Pennsylvania bovine, like blocks from my crib, in what is usually just another open field… looking like “Chick-fil-a commercial meets flash-mob.” There were so. many. of. them. And they were most certainly not there just 20 minutes before. Damn ninja cows freaked me and Boogie all the way out.

2. Bacon and I will never part. I’m entering week 2 of my (most) successful attempt yet at cutting all the awesome things from my diet- fried foods, dairy, wheat, alcohol and sugars (except for fruits and these delicious Go Raw cookies)- to get to the bottom of this post nasal drip mystery.  I usually last 48 pitiful hours before I make a mad dash for the ice cream, but I’m exhibiting some new brand of dedication (that, plus my throat is hella frustrated) and I’m proud of myself! My entire days are filled with fresh greens, seeds, healthy fats, whole grain oats, rice, broiled fish, baked chicken… and, the occasional slice of bacon… or two.  Baby steps. A life without bacon is not worth living.

3. When in doubt, pre-poo. I’ve been in twists and under what I like to think is a sexy-ass beanie for the last 2 weeks. I’m taking a break from many things, and my hair is one of them. Unfortunately, I can’t do the same with Boogie as she’s prone to rip a beanie off in a public place to reveal the neglect, so I’ve been keeping her presentable. Good Mom. But she needs her hair washed, bad, and I’m not in the mood for the shenanigans. We all know, however, it must happen and in order to make sure I don’t escape the weekend a procrastinator, I’ve applied copious amounts of Curl Junkie’s Rehab to her dry hair. She’s running around the house in a plastic baggy and I’m sure that won’t last long because either my guilt about her SoulGlo coif will kick in or I’ll find the plastic bag in the toilet and soon thereafter greasy, product-y finger prints on all of my personal effects. Hubby has a pot going on which will happen first. But until then…#doubleornothing #allin #betonboogie

Home, Sweet Home.

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