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Fitness Begins From Within + So Hot to Squat Check-In

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Fitness Begins From Within + So Hot to Squat Check-In
by LaChristin of Digital Curls

We’re all shaped from the inside out, and often hide our deepest darkest fears within the depths of our soul. Often it’s these fears that influence our perspective, and dictate how we live our lives. Fear is a formidable foe, which mocks us when we’ve been knocked down or knocked out. When we’re afraid our talents will not measure up, we scale back our advances and retract our efforts completely in order to avoid failure. I’ve traveled this rocky road once or twice throughout the course of my life, and found without Him I’d continue to approach hurdling fear with the same expectation; rise only to trip and fall!

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Through Him, I’ve come to a new understanding, one that views adversity as a builder and revealer of my character. One that believes failure is a word created with the soul purpose to instill fear and cripple my spirit. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, and peering back in my life I’ve discovered fear in the midst of all of my stumbling blocks. Now because of Him, I find fear in my rearview mirror, and whenever I see it tailgating in attempt to distract or speed me up; I remind myself the following:

Our plans are meant to be broken, but His remain in tact
What does it mean to break a record, if you’re racing on the wrong track?

Haven’t you heard speed kills by plane, train, or automobile?
However, His word heals the heart, mind, and spirit fills

Strive to be favored in His eyes, and not the eyes of mankind
How can you ask Him for direction, and miss your exit every time?

Do you trust in His guidance, or rely on your own GPS?
It’s easy for a child to forget, that their Father knows best

I guess remaining obedient is easier said than done
Do you prefer to be followed or led by His Son?

Who do you call upon in your hour of need?
When 59 minutes have passed, and an answer you’ve yet to receive

He works in mysterious ways, and the quality isn’t cheap
Before you lay down to sleep, whom do you pray for your soul to keep?

Who do you ask for forgiveness, and to keep your family safe?
He promised never to forsake you, and nature reveals the sincerity on His face!

What pictures will not reveal, is my journey from beginning to end. I’ve struggled to gain weight, my mother passed when I was eight, I’ve been a victim of sexual abuse, and somewhere along the way, I became out of shape. I could have given up on me, but He gave me the strength to move forward. The strength to transform my life, the strength to forgive those who’ve hurt me, and the strength not only others to love others, but most importantly to love myself! Remember, everyone serves a purpose and their light will surely surface, keep hope in the hopeless even a penny isn’t worthless. Make Moves That Make A Difference (MMTMAD)

Do you believe your journey starts from the inside out or the outside in?

Are you keeping up? Check in below. 

 Also check out the below video and add this sumo style squat to your routine!
Music by Mary Mary feat. Kierra “KiKi” Sheard “God In Me”
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