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Naturally Fit- So Hot to Squat Challenge November 2013

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Naturally Fit- So Hot to Squat Challenge November 2013
by LaChristin of Digital Curls

When booty calls I have a duty to sculpt, tone, and firm my gluteus, go H.A.M. on my hamstrings, and put that work in on my quads. I’m talking about being so hot to squat! I enjoy feeling the burn of my hip and thigh muscles being pushed to their limits, and having the endurance necessary to push back. I’m aware this may sound a bit intense, but that level of intensity has yielded me positive results. Results that have produced the lift and curves I desire, and I luv it (August Alsina voice)!

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I’ve found the key to success is hidden in the details, and performing squats is no exception to this rule. Proper execution starts with your feet spread at least shoulder width apart. Once you have established a solid base, begin to lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Make certain to keep your abs tight, chest up, and eyes looking straight ahead. When returning back to the start position push through your heels and contract your buttocks.

Remember, when executing a squat, your knees should not extend past your toes.

Proper technique and form are critical to avoid injury, and increase the overall size and strength of your legs and backside. In a result driven society, squats (when performed correctly) have proven to be a “can’t miss” investment that always pay dividends!

Make Moves That Make A Difference (MMTMAD)!

Naturally Fit- So Hot to Squat Challenge November 2013
Naturally Fit- So Hot to Squat Challenge November 2013
If you’re participating in the squat challenge take a before picture starting on November 1st, so that you can compare your end of the month results. Also the squats can be broken up into sets through out the day. You do not have to perform them all in one setting.
In this video, I’m performing a basic squat using only my body weight.

CN Says:
I’m so doing this, right after I turn up my leg warming situation! 
If you’re ‘IN’ leave a comment below! Let’s get it! #KeepItTight 

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