‘This is the best Christmas I’ve ever seen!’  
These were Boog’s first words this morning at a disrespectful five thirty in the A.M.  
In the A.M. 
She greeted me with this prematurely festive phrase the morning before that and the morning before that.  But I’m not mad, though.  Gia is most certainly here for Christmas this year and she is #TooTurnt.  We’re home in St. Louis for the holidays and the hall decking is in full swing!  
Peep the view- 
Confession: I’ve had this hat on since the day after Thanksgiving.  
#BumminIt #StillDopeTho #IWokeUpLikeThis #SorryHadToDoIt 

I only put on the lipstick situation for y’all.  

Also, for the record, I stuck to my reflux diet  (which I had been on for 2.5 weeks) for exactly one day before losing my mind.  Five chocolate chip cookies and a box of fried rice later, and I’m getting my entire life. #TheStruggle 

Grandma eating all the Hershey’s Kisses and Gia expressing concern

Grandma: What is that, hot pepper? 
Me: No! 
*5 minutes elapses*
Grandma: What is that, cayenne pepper?

she was beasting on the confectionaries and promptly #TurntTheHellUp #LivingOffTheWall 

#CandyCoated #FrostedGia 


Syl’s masterpiece #SheInFirstPlace

I came in second! #ShouldaWonTho


We’re off to find a real life manger! #LittleBabyJesus #TheyGotCamelsToo

I’ll check in later!