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Curly Nikki

Hangry? My Favorite Snacks!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Hangry? My Favorite Snacks!


My name is Nikki… and I snacks.  I’m a snacker.  I graze all day.  I was on the ‘6 small meals a day’ long before it was in vogue.  I invented it. It’s what I do.

And ish got really real when I started on this rather ridiculous ‘no dairy’, ‘no wheat’, ‘low sugar’, ‘no fun’ (think FODMAP) trial diet situation. These disrespectful restrictions (which consist of all things delicious) make meal prep difficult but make snacking damn near impossible, unless of course you’re one that enjoys raw carrots and things of that nature.  I do not.  I like chips.

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But I’m still over here going hard because my colon is obviously less frustrated and the post nasal drip has slowed.  These airports, tho.  It’s times like these, when I’m in transit and without options, that things fall apart.  Below, I’ve shared the delicious nom-noms I packed in my carry-on luggage to keep me from getting hangry (feed me now or I’ll kick you in the throat).

Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil and Trader Joe’s Baked Potato Chips 
Hangry? My Favorite Snacks!

I’m sorry, y’all. I’ve clearly gone in on the chips already.  But you get the gist.  These two situations are available at your local Trader Joe’s and are pretty darn amazing.  I LOVE chips and with only 3g of fat (they contain sunflower oil, which most folks are against, but *shrugs*) and 1g of sugar, these aren’t all bad.  The popcorn is high in the good fat but is not flavored with butter and has very little sodium.  I may have already eaten the entire bag of it at the time of this post.  
Hangry? My Favorite Snacks!Hangry? My Favorite Snacks!

Trader Joe’s Crunchy Black and White Rice Rolls
Hangry? My Favorite Snacks!Hangry? My Favorite Snacks!

Also a TJ item, these Crunchy Black & White Rice Rolls are EVERYTHING.  Even Boogie loves them!  They’re easy to travel with and you’ll get your sugar fix. It kinda tastes like a bowl of cereal… on a stick.  Remember Diggem Smacks?! Like that, but not as good, lol. Do they still make Diggem Smacks? I want some. 
Flamous Organic Original Falafel Chips
Hangry? My Favorite Snacks!Hangry? My Favorite Snacks!

Totally NOT a Trader Joe’s item, but these chips will help you get yo’ life.  You get the essence of falafel in every bite and enjoy them with hummus. I was in the grocery store the other day (Wegman’s) and I noticed this old White lady following me.  I stopped a bit to see what in the entire hell was going on and she was all like, ‘excuse me, where did you find those chips?!‘ and I was all, ‘The other end of the store hiding in the corner, hurry because there’s only one left!’.  And then, like, simultaneously, we both said, ‘I love them so much, I can eat the whole bag in one sitting!‘.  And I did, later that night.  Which is why I ALWAYS buy 2 or 3 bags at a time.  
For me, more than anything, having ‘legal’ snacks on me at all times, means I’m much less likely to end up in the Popeye’s drive through.  A nibble of the above, or Rice Chex holds me over until I can get home to my boring baked chicken, steamed veggies and quinoa.  
Later Gators,
p.s. For the record, I did lose my mind on Thanksgiving (and the several days preceding and following) and probably will go hard on Christmas too. #CakesCookiesandPies #WarmGreasyCheesyFoods  But this diet isn’t meant to be permanent, pretty soon, I’m going to start re-introducing some food groups.  But sadly, I’m pretty sure I’ll always have to keep dairy to a minimum.  

p.p.s. I was already on a modified FODMAP diet when I finally got to see the gastroenterologist.  She recommended I start the FODMAP diet, lol.  She also diagnosed me with ‘silent reflux’ after reviewing the results from a recent scope that some ENT rammed down my nose into my throat.  Fun times.  At any rate, yeah, getting closer to an answer! 

What are your favorite kinda healthy snacks? 

Do you get hangry? How do you cope? 

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