So only Jay could turn up a struggle town like State College.  He packed the Bryce Jordan Center and showed out for 2 hours straight with all the classics.  He pretty much killed it.  But it wasn’t until he let that beat drop on Drunk In Love and did his verse that I got my whole, entire life.  It was totally worth disrespecting the finances.  Oh and for the record, Jay really does ‘Bring ‘Em Out’ because I saw more of my people than I’ve seen in my entire 3 years here! #YayBrownPeople

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That’s the homie Melissa on the right (you probably recognize her, she’s everywhere!) And Melody in the middle!  A State College native, she won the extra ticket and kicked it with us last night! 
She’s got a dope hair situation too! #FitRightIn

best photobomb EVER! 

Later Gators!