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Curly Nikki

Side Parts, Side Chicks and Surprises

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Side Parts, Side Chicks and Surprises

Hola Chicas,
I’m back in The Lou for the month of February due to the amazing NAACP situation.  Here, I have a dedicated Boogie-sitter (shout-out to Momma!) while I make multiple trips out to LA to attend the various festivities (and maybe turn-up or the like).  Since Dr. Daddy has lectures to give, he has to stay in Happy Valley between his flights out to Hollywood.  But get this.  He’s here! He surprised Boog and I with a last minute weekend trip to STL because he missed the general shenanigans. Happy Valentine’s Day to me and if it stops sleeting, we may even make some plans and act grown!  So I’m sure you understand that I must keep this shawt!

Three things- 
1.  I’m sure I’m late (as always) but it has just come to my attention that on the eve of Valentine’s Day the Olivia Pope’s and Mary Jane Paul’s of the world celebrate ‘Side Chick Appreciation Day’.  St. Louis radio told me so. There were several dedicated club events and promotionals in honor of it too. No comment. #SoSaintLouis 
Side Parts, Side Chicks and Surprises
2.  Upon the news of Hubby’s pending arrival, late last night, I released the struggle-bun (that I’d worn since the red carpet, just lower) and created 8 big twists using a little Salerm 21 (that was my ode to #TBT and the best damn styler for dry sets) and rolled the ends on perm rods for a Twist-n-Curl.  No water, no nothing… just a pea sized amount of Salerm 21 per twist.  This morning, I woke up like dis- 

Side Parts, Side Chicks and Surprises

That side part, tho!   

Side Parts, Side Chicks and Surprises
 note- the original set was from Curlformers about a week ago (set on wet hair with Salerm 21).  I immediately placed the resulting set in twists, took them down and bunned for the NAACP Luncheon. For my full routine, click HERE.  

Side Parts, Side Chicks and Surprises

3. About halfway through writing this post, the doorbell rang.  I answered and there stood a gentleman with two boxes.  He said, ‘delivery for CurlyNikki’, and I was like, ‘that’s me, boo’, and he was all, ‘Clearly.’ At any rate, it was roses and chocolate covered pretzels and thangs from  Hubby! He’s sleeping right now from the journey, but I got something for him when he wakes up!

Later Gators,

p.s Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!! 

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