But why does she love Ensure, tho…

This.  This is why I come home.  My grandma Maxine!  Nearly 90 now, with driving privileges revoked (by her loving and concerned sons), she’s no longer legally allowed to tear up these streets. At least not until I come to town! We. Stay. Gone. In just two weeks we’ve raised hell at several casinos, shut down four restaurants, thrifted with the best, turnt up my momma’s office (sorry Momma… and coworkers) and of course, hit the Dollar Sto’. 

 She always says, ‘Nikki, you sure know how to stir it up!’  But nothing compares to chilling in the back yard (feeding the mosquitoes… not here for that, tho),  listening to her amazing stories over an Ensure and a glass of Riesling.  #Priceless

Speaking of the backyard, on Memorial Day we had Gma over for some burnt hotdogs and pork steaks. #SoStLouis  I needed to run in the house for something and left Gma sitting peacefully on the deck while Gia blew bubbles nearby.  I told them, “I’ll be right back”, translation, ‘please don’t move!’. It wasn’t even 5 minutes later that I returned to a rather intense game of racquetball.  Racquetball!  Gma can barely walk with a cane and here she was in the middle of the yard with Gia, caneless, having a blast.  Momma, manning the grill, was snapping pics, laughing and reminding me why I cannot leave Gma and Gia unattended.  #Shenanigans 
Later Gators,