This was Boog’s first DMV wash day!  Here’s what we did–
(1) We pre-poo’ed with hella coconut oil and FUBU Deep Conditioner
(2) Heated thangs up with a plastic baggy & warm, wooly, winter hat. Allowed it to marinate for an hour.
(3) Propped her up on the counter (on her back). Gave her a towel for her eyes, because it’s that serious.  
(4) Rinsed the pre-poo and shampoo’ed with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Shampoo.
(5) Applied Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa conditioner heavily.
(6) Sang her ‘favoritist song’,  ‘Pretty Hurts’ a few times. She had the lead and only let me come in on pre-approved parts. 
(7) Finger detangled a bit and then finger detangled some more as I rinsed her hair clean, under the faucet. 
(8) Loaded her strands up with Oyin Handmade’s Hair Dew.  TONS of it. 
(9) Finger detangled as I applied Curlformers to smallish sections
(10) Air dried that ish 
And those braids are the result!  Until the next wash day, she’ll be rockin‘ buns, plaits and part mishaps. I’m working on the ‘straight part‘ situation… the one below, tho… I didn’t even try.  I was tired and just grabbing chunks of hair to braid up. #DontJudge


Oh, and remember Dude?

We may or may not have turnt up with him on our way to dinner!

Boogie was wiggling to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ 

and this lady was so serious, she had to kick off her shoes so she could get it goodthey were flats, tho… so, yeah. #DC #TooTurnt 

Later Gators,