It’s the little things, like–

Dude who stays gettin‘ it outside my window with his boombox-bicycle blasting the best of ’70s R&B.  He’s like the self-appointed hype man of the neighborhood and you know what? I’m here for it.  His energy is infectious and his music gives my life a pleasant soundtrack.

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Speaking of infectious positive energy, I got to see the boo, Johnny Wright yesterday!  You may remember him from my E.P.I.C. Tracee Ellis Ross par-tay or from our fabulous Cape Town adventures… but of course, he’s better known as ‘Stylist to the Stars’ with clients to include the Tamron Halls and Michelle Obamas of the world. 
He’s a freakin’ riot and should be classified as a natural mood enhancer.  Side effects may include spontaneous #TurnUps, ridiculously awesome IG pics, improved posture, sudden and unexplained onset of affluenza, and the desire to eat all the cheese and drink all the wine. 

Sangarita.  Another side-effect of Mr. Wright. This is what happens when a margarita and a sangria get real familiar. 

In other (similar) news, I’m still loving the loft situation, despite the lack of privacy. Oh, and D.C.’s  disrespectful humidity has got me rocking my wash do the most and go again! This one wasn’t as defined as I’d like, but I rocked it anyway!  I used a bunch of Curl Junkie’s Coffee Coco Cream, the praying-hands method to smooth, and did a little finger twirling on the frizzy bits.  I air-dried outside on the balcony… only took 1.5 hours and applied a bit of eye shadow for some razzle-dazzle. #boom

Later Gators!

D.C. and other high humidity curlies, what products are you using for your wash and gos?