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Curly Nikki

Stretched Hair, Don’t Care.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Stretched Hair, Don't Care.
 when all else fails, bun that ish
I came across a meme on FB the other day that tickled me–

Mirror: “You look cute today”

Camera: “Lol, no”.

The camera has been rude to me.  All this past week. Thanks to (1) the ridic, swamp-like D.C. humidity, and (2) my inability to find a leave-in/styler that would not only moisturize and define, but hold my Wash do the most and Go.  I ask a lot of my products.  It’s out there.  I will find it.

Read On!>>>>
I promised y’all a favorite leave-in/styler post this week and it didn’t happen.  I tried, though.  I sat down to write it up and after taking a mental inventory, realized I don’t have a single one!  I’ve got a bunch of ish in my product closet.  Several I can get solid results with.  None I would whole-heartedly recommend, though.  I was on a kick and probably re-styled every day last week and it was fun experimenting… until it wasn’t.  Also, after about two weeks of wash and gos, my hair is a little drier and the single strand knots start creepin’ on a come up.  So yeah, I don’t have a favorite leave-in/styler. But I do have a favorite leave-in/moisturizer and a favorite, low-maintenance style.  And I’m sure you know what both of them are 🙂

I was revelling over the ease of caring for and styling Gia’s Curlformered hair and although I had previously decided that I was done with the CFs for a while ’cause they took too long to install, I remembered that it actually only takes me 30 minutes… and most days, my #WashDoTheMostAndGo take just as long and I have to do them way more frequently.  So I did a deep treatment with the new Aubree GPB (more to come on that) and threw them in on soaking wet hair, saturated with Oyin’s Hair Dew–

Stretched Hair, Don't Care.
Haphazardly, apparently.  I missed tons of little coils like the one peeking out above. 

And now we’re back, easy-streeting it with the mom-bun…

Stretched Hair, Don't Care.
About to hit these streets and maybe partake in a turn-up… who knows 🙂  It’ll be low-key, tho, cause Boog is rolling with.  At any rate, I’ll resume product testing in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you haven’t, and you’re in the market for a moisturizer, check out Oyin’s Hair Dew.  It’s a glycerin, protein and silicone free delight, that doesn’t build-up.  It also doesn’t disrespect the finances.  
Later Gators,
p.s. Cheers!!!!!!

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