when all else fails, bun that ish
I came across a meme on FB the other day that tickled me–

Mirror: “You look cute today”

Camera: “Lol, no”.

The camera has been rude to me.  All this past week. Thanks to (1) the ridic, swamp-like D.C. humidity, and (2) my inability to find a leave-in/styler that would not only moisturize and define, but hold my Wash do the most and Go.  I ask a lot of my products.  It’s out there.  I will find it.

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I promised y’all a favorite leave-in/styler post this week and it didn’t happen.  I tried, though.  I sat down to write it up and after taking a mental inventory, realized I don’t have a single one!  I’ve got a bunch of ish in my product closet.  Several I can get solid results with.  None I would whole-heartedly recommend, though.  I was on a kick and probably re-styled every day last week and it was fun experimenting… until it wasn’t.  Also, after about two weeks of wash and gos, my hair is a little drier and the single strand knots start creepin’ on a come up.  So yeah, I don’t have a favorite leave-in/styler. But I do have a favorite leave-in/moisturizer and a favorite, low-maintenance style.  And I’m sure you know what both of them are 🙂

I was revelling over the ease of caring for and styling Gia’s Curlformered hair and although I had previously decided that I was done with the CFs for a while ’cause they took too long to install, I remembered that it actually only takes me 30 minutes… and most days, my #WashDoTheMostAndGo take just as long and I have to do them way more frequently.  So I did a deep treatment with the new Aubree GPB (more to come on that) and threw them in on soaking wet hair, saturated with Oyin’s Hair Dew–

Haphazardly, apparently.  I missed tons of little coils like the one peeking out above. 

And now we’re back, easy-streeting it with the mom-bun…

About to hit these streets and maybe partake in a turn-up… who knows 🙂  It’ll be low-key, tho, cause Boog is rolling with.  At any rate, I’ll resume product testing in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you haven’t, and you’re in the market for a moisturizer, check out Oyin’s Hair Dew.  It’s a glycerin, protein and silicone free delight, that doesn’t build-up.  It also doesn’t disrespect the finances.  
Later Gators,
p.s. Cheers!!!!!!