Yesterday, I got all the way to the Jeep before I realized I wasn’t wearing shoes. 

Hola Chicas,

Fun fact- I determine my vacay departure date by the amount of clean-ish clothes I have left (I don’t do laundry on vacay) and the state of my gastrointestinal tract. And since rum and fish does not a healthy diet make, I’m guessing I’ll be on struggle status by Sunday.
#RumBefore10amMakesYouAPirateNotAnAlcoholic #ThatScurvyTho

But until then, I’m gonna continue to get my entire life out here on these St. Thomas beaches-

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We got there at 9, intended to stay til noon and didn’t leave until 6.   

’bout to do it all over again too…
Later Gators,
p.s.  These St. Thomas streets, tho.  They are steep and narrower than a mug AND you drive on the other side of the line (even though it’s an American car).  Dr. Daddy is beasting, and I’m thankful.  #WayMoreBetterThanATaxi #LeftOnRed

p.p.s. For those that have asked, our condo is in Mahogany Run Golf Course on the North side of the island.  I highly recommend it– it’s close to the best beaches and like 20 minutes from everything dope.  It also has awesome amenities and an amazing restaurant that we had all to ourselves the other night-


Later Gators,

Where’s your next vacay destination?

Where should I go next?! I’m taking suggestions!