Back to the future. 

Hola Chicas,

I need some shade and a vacay. Like, real shade from palm trees, floppy hats, sun umbrellas, and even those little umbrellas in my drank. Not to be confused with:

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…the kind of shade I’ve stayed getting thrown the last few weeks.

So, while Syl was in town, I convinced her and Perry to dip down to the islands with us. Because, you know, fun is a #FamilyBusiness.  We assembled our crew, bought Boogie a ‘swim soup,‘ threw some ish in a bag and may or may not have chartered a boat. *queue T-Pain and The Lonely Island*. 
We’ve been continent hopping for the last three years but decided to head back to USVI for Dr. Daddy’s Birthday Our 6th Anniversary Boogie’s First Beach Experience shits and giggles. No really, St. Thomas is special to us and I still think the Caribbean is pound for pound, mimosa for mimosa, the most beautiful place in the world.

Later Gators,


p.s. We touched down at 1 pm and was on Coki beach, enjoying heavily spiked frozen drinks by 4 pm! My Electric Lazy Land romper is courtesy of Nasty Gal.

p.p.s. It’s 1:06 am right now…  on the 26th (hubby’s bday, by the way!).  I’ve been going hard since
4 am Friday, so yeah, I’m signing off.  I’ll check back in soon! xoxo

**now that I’m back up…. this post has been edited to add some pics!**

The living situation- 

sweet ass master suite

Gia’s first beach experience! I said, ‘Boogie, this is the ocean! Isn’t is beautiful?!’, to which she responded, ‘so THIS is where the beach lives!’  

Shout out to Brittany for the dope protective style.  I washed, conditioned and curlformered it and she flat-twisted one side (to create a sweeping effect) and two strand twisted the other side!  #NowItsaVacation 
 Syl and Perry! They literally stepped off the plane (at 3pm) and took a cab straight to the beach, luggage and all, to meet up with us. #WasteNoTime #WeOutChea

My dude!  
He took no less than 45 minutes to make our drinks.  I was like, ‘damn, you’re making this thang to perfection’. He laughed and said, ‘well, that is the name of the bar’.  I had no idea, lol.  He lived up to the rep.  He poured half a bottle of liquor in that joint and I tasted none of it.  #MadeWithLove


 Happy birthday to the funniest, smartest, sexiest dude I know.  #DrDaddy