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Then this happened… #ThatWouldBeTHELegend #AndHeSangAllofMe #AndIDied
But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me explain. 

I got up at a struggly 4 a.m. on Thursday morn to hop a flight to ATL to kick it with The Steve Harvey Nation and fam for the 2014 Neighborhood Awards.  After a quick venue walk through, a power nap, a glass of pinot and a got-damn 20 dollar room service cheeseburger, I headed back to the GWCC for the Stand-Up Comedy Jam that night.  And I’m glad I did, ’cause-



Lavell Crawford #SoSaintLouis #BreakingBad
I cried, real tears, and may have pee’ed a little.  If you get a chance, please see this man live. 
After a few hours of sleep, I was back up at a disrespectful 4am this morning, for the live broadcast of the Steve Harvey Morning Show.  They delivered a healthy dose of entertainment, inspiration and advice to a crowd of 8000 people
And folks was way too turnt at 5am… sangin’ and cupid shufflin’ and ish.  #BlackExcellence at its best and I’m glad I didn’t miss it, ’cause-
the backstage situation with Shirley and Steve
the banter between Tommy and Steve 
The Captain Rushion running ’round running ish… 
The Nation #SoHypeTho
credit: Lavan

 The view
The @TeamTandy #HisVoiceTho #GoogleHim
The laughs
The Nephew Tommy

photo credit:  Lavan 
And now, because I know y’all so well… more of John.
I lost my shit, but not as bad as the first time!  #MyEyesInThatPicTho

 He performed live for us this beautiful morning-

 k, last one 🙂 

 Oh, and me and my new security blanket accessories 🙂 #ThatHatTho #TheHarnessToo  #UrbanOutfittersHeadtoToe

Later Gators,

p.s. Heading to check out the Family Feud situation and I’ll be right back! And just in case you wasn’t knowin’… you’re gonna want to plan to be here next year!

p.p.s. Shout out to the homies Lavan and Pete for all the amazing shots.  Love y’all!

there they go right thurr… #YellowShirts #Werkin’