In all of my 31 years, I’ve never–
(1) lit a grill
(2) placed meat atop a grill
(3) flipped meat that was on a grill
(4) removed meat from a grill
(5) stood near a grill 
I don’t do fire. 

So yesterday when Dr. Daddy called to make sure I hadn’t lost my ENTIRE mind (with the pre-k empty nest situation), he was confused as hell.  I was like, ‘yep, I bought a gang of meat, marinated them joints, and now I’m up on the roof… no bigs.’  I took the above pic and sent it to him because he didn’t believe me!  His initial concern gave way to appreciation tho, because I don’t cook and BBQ is like… EVERYTHING.  #NeurosisForTheWin

Later Gators,
p.s. there were burnt hot dogs too… and I broke out the Sweet Baby Rays.  Ish smelled so good that several neighbors stopped by to ‘chat’…#UhHuh  
p.p.s. Hubby and I went for tapas today in Georgetown and it was bomb.  Octopus, squid, chorizo and tortilla was on the menu.  #NikApproved

Apparently I BBQ when I’m anxious/stressed/crazy as hell.  

What’s your ‘peace, be still’ activity?