#TheHaves #AndTheHaveNots

 **The Timeline**

October 2013- 

  • Pre-heat blog to fabulous.
  • Get inspired to go to South Africa for charity, culture and curls.
  • Ask spouse for support… “Hell to the yeah, baby.”
  • Ask brands for support… “Hell to the naw, boo.” 

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 November 2013

  • Add one Johnny Wright (Michelle Obama’s personal hairstylist) 
  • Stir in some Tamron Hall (NBC Today Show Host)
  • Set N-double-ACP Image Award Nomination to the side, that’ll be used as a garnish.

December 2013-

 January 2014-

 June 2014-   

  • A dab of that. #Make History
  • Cover, let simmer…
 #WaitForIt #WaitForIt

January 2015-

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  • Sip tea – but not for too long… I’m not happy if I’m not in the kitchen. #MoreWorkToDo #Obviously
 oh, and #Dessert
Later Gators,