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Curly Nikki


By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Hola Chicas!

So spring sprang and I have emerged from my hibernation (I don’t do air that hurts my face) to enjoy the fancy weather.

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The catch up–

1. I didn’t go to no damn space.

2. My visit to #Ferguson was lived firmly in the present moment with my number one lady.  I was appreciative of my parents before I arrived– having some idea of the level of care Gma required– but after they tagged me in for those 10 days, I left with the deepest respect and admiration and a level of sleep deprivation akin to Hurricane Boogie August 29th, 2010. 

Grandma Maxine stays woke, stays on her feet (which is dangerous because she’s entirely too fly for her walker, apparently) and stays spitting hot fire.  Not at me tho, she loves her oldest grandbaby :-)  Plus, I’m the one that breaks her out so we can shut down casinos, dollar stores and brunch spots!  I even slept with her a few nights, which was ridic, because every time I woke up, she was still talking to me #SheStayWoke.  

Gma’s physically strong, and other than asking me when I’m coming home for Christmas (like it’s next week), she’s pretty damn sharp.  I’ll see her next month and we shall resume the party.  But until then, I at least get to see this much of her–


3. I cut my hair (chunky twists, taking off a little more on the ones in back) to keep the bob tight and the above is my first wet set Twist-n-Curl of the season 3rd day hair)!  I made 13 twists, used super skinny perm rods and Ouidad’s HydraFusion styler. That shit’s effective but disrespectfully expensive… so I’m taking suggestions for a new twisting cream in the comments below.  I have some runner-ups, but to date, the Hydrafusion is the best at handling my situation despite the spring humidity, dew points and rude winds. 

4. Gia’s on spring break this week and she is truly my child.  When I asked her what she wanted to do, she said, ‘go to the roof, eat outside at my favorite restaurant… um…. go to the roof.’  Love that kid!  Save for the #NoChill (her favorite response to my frequent and persistent urging for her to ‘just relax for a while‘ is, I don’t like relaxing), we pretty much reside on the same wavelength.  Yesterday, we spent the afternoon on the roof bbq’ing hot dogs, blowing bubbles and soaking up the sun… then we walked to MatchBox with Dr. Daddy to dine al fresco.  Heaven.

5. Drake. 6 God, 6 Man, Company, Now & Forever. #Repeat

Later Gators,

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