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Curly Nikki


By January 27th, 2021No Comments

 Hola Chicas!

I’ve been going so incredibly hard in the Lou-

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Daily 3 mile walks at January Wabash Park #AsapFerg #FergusonStrong

Karaoke nights at African Palace #GiaKiltIt
Shots shots shots! #AuntyGraduate #DegreedUp

Dinner with the #NephewBoo #DiplomaedUp
Managing and overseeing shenanigans


Wednesday morning shenanigans… note that Gma has completely let go of her walker so she can properly party rock. #LMFAO #LiterallyTho #PartyRockAnthem

and hurr doin’ #NotMineTho

So when yesterday suddenly happened, I was remarkably calm despite the last minute shopping and packing that still needed to be done before my international flight the next morning (today… Monday). That, PLUS my nephew’s high school graduation and celebratory dinner, oh, and that little wash day situation I’d been putting off for a week.

Somehow, probably due to my keen ability to give no f*cks, the day went unbelievably smooth.  And at 10pm I was back on my mom’s couch, thoroughly shopped, celebrated, packed and running that familiar internal dialogue where I’m convincing myself that I can totally go one mo’ day before I have to wash and re-style.

Just when I’d consciously and wisely chose sleep over hurr, and just 5 hours before I was due at the airport, my phone sounded off and I got a message from the owner of the bomb-ass penthouse we rented… super apologetic, but canceling our reservation due to water damage.

They cancelled our room and board, FIVE hours before take-off, y’all.   

And you know what’s crazy? I was genuinely happy for some reason (I’m lying, y’all know exactly the reason why I was happy #LifeHack)… definitely not tripping off of what most would call an unfortunate, panic-inducing event.  In fact, when Dr. Daddy walked in, and I delivered the news with a great big smile on my rouge lips, he frowned and said, ‘this is absolutely horrible’.

Talk about practice what you be preaching…this was the perfect opportunity.  So you know what I did?  Reflexively, the moment I received the news, I stopped.  No thoughts.  No judgements.  No stories about what was happening (or should have been happening) in that moment. I remembered to remember that before thinking about it, absolutely nothing was wrong or lacking– that this was an entirely subjective experience that I could choose to define however I wished.  And I did just that, and smiled.  I snuggled with my sleeping Boogie, showered while listening to Drake go in on Star67 and started kicking through Momma’s house, aloof to my new ‘problem’… like #GrandpaMoveThatDope in the vid below.  And you know what’s even doper?!  After about 30 minutes of smiling and shaking my lil’ cute ass in front of Dr. Daddy, he started smiling and dancing too… jumping in my scene like dude at the 30 second mark.  And there you have it, scientific proof that happiness is infectious! #JustKidding #SoSerious

Let me be clear, as of this writing (11:30am EST on Monday), this issue is completely unresolved. I’m flying to a fabulous international destination with all my ish, and no place to put it.

warning– language, lol

 #WhenInDoubt #TurnUpByYoSelf

…and the adventure begins.

Later Gators,

p.s. So after taking those shots with #AuntyGraduate on Saturday evening, I was entirely too turnt to do my hair. But Sunday was my nephew’s graduation and I had to be presentable.  The problem was that my super old and frizzy twist-out was too super old and frizzy to bun.   And that’s when I remembered the WeaveWhisperer’s video!  #AndNowImCute 

I’m still rocking it today… as I sit here typing at the airport in Newark.  I’ll check in soon.  xoxo

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