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5 Natural Tricks To Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Digestion

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
5 Natural Tricks To Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Digestion

It’s no secret that our metabolisms begin to slow down as we get older.
But the truth is that this has more to do with our activity levels than it does our actual age.
Regular exercise is one of the best ways to maintain muscle mass and lower body fat in order to keep your metabolism at its highest.
However, aside from getting the recommended 30 minutes of exercise daily, there are other ways we can boost our metabolism and potentially improve digestion.

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These tricks are memorable and simple:

1. Eat Until You’re Satisfied, Not Until You’re Full
Many people still believe that the best way to boost their metabolism or lose weight is to eat less. Maybe in the context of fasting, like in Intermittent Fasting, but the truth regardless of whether you’re eating in an 8-hour time frame or 24-hour time frame, you should be eating enough to make you satisfied, but not too much to make you uncomfortably full. When you eat too little, your metabolism actually slows down. And since it takes 15 plus minutes for your stomach to actually signal to your brain that you’re full, it’s important to be mindful of how much you’re eating, taking your time to chew your food completely.

2. Sleep on Your Left Side
Sleeping on your left side can have a beneficial effect on how you digest your food due to the positioning of your organs like the large and small intestines. Based on Ayurvedic principles of the entire body being aligned, the left side of your body is the lymphatic system’s favorite, or dominant, side. Lying on your left sides aids the removal of metabolic waste and toxic elements from your body and according to Dr. John Douillard, a leader in natural health, “allows gravity to encourage the food waste to move more easily from the small intestine into the large intestine.”

3. Drink Water 30 Minutes Before Every Meal
Do you tend to drink liquids while you eat? Most of the digestive process begins before you even swallow your food. By drinking excessive amounts of liquid while chewing, you significantly reduce the juices your body naturally produces to help break down food. To make sure you don’t get super thirsty while eating, drink a glass or two of water 30 minutes before every meal. You can also double check on the salt and make sure there’s not too much as this can also increase thirst.

4. Cinnamon, Ginger, and Cayenne Pepper
Pretty much anything spicy is going to give your metabolism a proper boost. It can range from spices like cayenne pepper or turmeric to condiments like mustard. Not only do spices like turmeric fight inflammation and prevent cancer, but they can also temporarily boost your metabolism by 8 percent. In addition to giving your metabolism a boost, adding spices to your food can also make you feel fuller while heating up your body to burn more calories.

5. Laugh More
It makes sense to think that laughter could help increase your metabolism or burn extra calories during the day. Think about it, when you laugh, you engage your core muscles and move around – at least when something is really funny. A study from the International Journal of Obesity revealed that 10–15 minutes of laughter per day could increase your total energy expenditure by 10-20 percent, which means that just by laughing, you could burn 2-10 Calories.

There’s no need to try to incorporate all these things into your daily routine at once. Take it one step at a time and only use the tricks that work for you, that give you peace of mind.
5 Natural Tricks To Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Digestion
Ariel is a 23-year old SoCal native, working professional, and Alumna of the University of California, Berkeley. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and through her studies, acquired a passion for gaining knowledge that would improve the quality of her life and further allow her to interact with and touch people in a positive way. You can follow her own blog, The Freewoman Diaries, at

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