By Erma Breann

am a believer in the idea we all have some level of anxiety. We all
deal with our issues differently but anxiousness, I believe, is
universal. Although, how anxiety affects a person’s life and emotions is
unique. Understanding an individual’s reaction to anxiety is hard
because it’s different and unpredictable. Because of that, for an
individual, anxiety is even harder to explain. Some do an excellent job
riding around the city with their woes. I, like a lot of folks I know,
do a decent impersonation of someone who can handle life’s struggles. We
call it,
“fake it until you make it.”
Sad part is, some of us fakers don’t make it. Those who deal with a
heavier weight of anxiety have a much harder time faking it. I mean, I
talk about the things which trouble me but it doesn’t stop the anxiety
attacks. It doesn’t always stop my mind from wandering.