There’s an uneasiness in you, a restlessness, that causes you to stay checking your phone. 


Feel it. It’s a symptom of being ‘disconnected’ from your real SELF and the reason for the ‘delay’ in the manifestation of yo shit.

The next time that urge hits, STOP, and check-in with yourself. What are you waiting on, or hoping for? A life changing email? Your video to go viral? A DM from your crush? What are you needing to happen before you can allow yourself to feel good? You see the issue, right?

The love and excitement you think that DM will bring? It’s already in you, it is you. The security and happiness that email will provide? You are that. YOU are the Source of all the good feels you’re seeking and the moment you accept that and begin living it, the good feels become the good experiences. #ButSeekYeFirstTheKingdomTho

So, consciously connect to and feel the inner joy, peace and happiness, now! Embody those feels, now. Be HER, now. And start using the impulse or urge to check your phone as a reminder to take your power back. Every time you reach for your phone, reach for the inner joy first, then commence scrolling. ️#BeHerNow