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I Tried an Essential Oils Vape Pen & Here’s My Thoughts

I Tried an Essential Oils Vape Pen & Here's My Thoughts

By Kira Sparkles

Typically, when it comes to spending I’m the kind of person that does a ton of research before I buy anything. With social media’s targeted marketing, it’s hard to resist temptation. I mean, it knows what I like. I’m not going to lie that I’ve studdered at more than a few ads, but one that had me completely hooked was one for a company called “Monq” that marketed “Therapeutic Air.” Looking on their website, they have what they call ‘essential oil diffusers.’ After much thought and a little bit of research, I decided to give it a try.

The diffusers are shipped in a nondescript bag and come in a little plastic tube printed with whatever you purchased. They were having their birthday sale, so I managed to get in on a pretty good deal and bought three: ‘Vibrant,’ ‘Sexy,’ and ‘Sleepy.’

When I popped them out of the tube I was met with… a vape pen. A cute, colorful vape pen, but still a vape pen. You know, where you inhale and the mixture inside is heated and vaporized. Still, I think that there’s some validity to using essential oils, so I was open and ready to try it. After all, the oils are diluted in vegetable glycerine, and there’s no tobacco in them, so how bad could they be?

I Tried an Essential Oils Vape Pen & Here's My Thoughts

I started my day with this and it has a ginger flavor. It’s not spicy, but it’s an earthy sort of flavor with a spearmint flavor on the back end. It didn’t make me feel any more awake in the morning, but it was nice mid-afternoon when I came back from my lunch break. It gave me a small pick me up but I would say that’s more because of the mint. You’re supposed to breathe the vapor through your nose as a way to get the essential oils’ ‘full effect’, but honestly, doing this made me wake up because of the cool tingle in my nostrils. Think about brushing your teeth… but for your nose.

I Tried an Essential Oils Vape Pen & Here's My Thoughts

I was hesitant to try Sexy because patchouli conjures up images of unbathed hippies, but I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Sexy tastes like lime candy, but it also tastes like jasmine flowers while still remaining earthy. It feels very mellow and a little romantic to have this one. I used it in the evening, right before going to bed while wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, but I also used it while going out because it drowns out the smell of actual tobacco while going to the bar.

I Tried an Essential Oils Vape Pen & Here's My Thoughts

While the other ones were nice I didn’t feel any better off or worse off while using them. But listen, this one? This shit right here? It blends lavender, chamomile and kava and it will KNOCK. YOU. OUT. I’m talking about the way Nyquil knocks you out when you’re sick. Listen, if you have trouble going to sleep, this one works. The only drawbacks come from the kava oil. It has diuretic properties, so my eyes were a little dry when I woke up and I was a little groggy. Seriously, if you try this one, only take one hit. That might be all you need.

Over all, I’m glad I tried them. They’re a little on the pricey side, but if you wait for a sale it’s worth getting a couple. Would I buy any in the future? Definitely! If nothing else, the floral aromas really give my work break that ‘stop and smell the flowers’ vibe which I could always use a little more of.

Would you or have you tried an essential oil vape pen?
I Tried an Essential Oils Vape Pen & Here's My Thoughts
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