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“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” -Chinese Proverb

Happy Friyayyy, chica!

I’m messaging you today because no matter if you’re a Stay-at-Home Mom, or a CEO, or both (!!!), you’re feeling the joy of Friday. So I’m just popping in to remind you that this relief you’re experiencing, this subtly joyful anticipation for the relaxation ahead… it was present on Tuesday, too. It was ‘here’ on Monday. This peace… this happiness is always, ALWAYS available to you. But you only allow yourself to feel it on the weekend, on payday, on vacay, during that first sip of coffee or wine at the airport! But here’s the thing– those events and things aren’t causing the joy. The joy is NOW, here, always. Grace is here, NOW. RELAX.


Last night I watched a great clip from Joel Goldsmith. Check it out today as an awesome reminder to anchor yourself in this moment, in joy, in God, as HER.

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